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Catherine was stripped of her title as queen within 16 months, in November She was beheaded three months later, on the grounds of treason for committing adultery while married to Henry, similarly to Anne Boleyn. Catherine was one of the daughters of Lord Edmund Howard c. Her father's sister, Elizabeth Howardwas the mother of Anne Boleyn. As a granddaughter of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk —Catherine had an aristocratic pedigree.

Her father was not wealthy, being a younger son among 21 children and disfavoured in the custom of primogenitureby which the eldest son inherits all his father's estate.

When Catherine's parents married, her mother already had five children from her first husband, Ralph Leigh c. With little to sustain the family, her father was often reduced to begging for handouts from his more affluent relatives.

After Catherine's mother died inher father married twice more. In he was appointed Controller of Calais. Catherine was probably born in Lambeth in aboutbut the exact date of her birth remains unknown. Dating in 30s Dowager Duchess presided over large households at Chesworth House in Horsham in Sussexand at Norfolk House in Lambeth where dozens of attendants, along with her many wards—usually the children of aristocratic but poor relatives—resided.

The Dowager Duchess was often at Court and seems to have had little direct involvement in the upbringing of her wards and young female attendants.

As a result of the Dowager Duchess's lack of discipline, Catherine became influenced by some older girls who candidly allowed men into the sleeping areas at night for entertainment. The girls were rewarded with food and wine and gifts. Catherine was not as well educated as some of Henry's other wives, although, on its own, her ability to read and write was impressive enough at the time. Her character has often been described as vivacious, giggly and brisk, but never scholarly or devout.

She displayed great interest in her dance lessons, but would often be distracted during them and make jokes. She also had a nurturing side for animals, particularly dogs. In the Duchess's household at Horsham, in aroundCatherine then aged 13 was repeatedly molested by her music teacher, Henry Mannox aged He later gave evidence in the inquiry against her.

Mannox and Catherine both confessed during her adultery inquisitions that they had engaged in sexual contact, but not actual coitus. When questioned Catherine was quoted as saying, "At the flattering and fair persuasions of Mannox, being but a young girl, I suffered him at sundry times to handle and touch the secret parts of my body, which neither became me with honesty to permit nor him to require, who is anne burrell dating.

The interferences by Mannox came to an end inwhen Catherine, now aged 15, moved to the Dowager Duchess's household in Lambeth. There she was pursued by Francis Derehama secretary of the Dowager Duchess.

They became lovers, addressing each other as "husband" and "wife". Dereham also entrusted Catherine with various wifely duties, such as keeping his money when he was away on business. Many of Catherine's roommates among the Dowager Duchess's maids of honour and attendants knew of the relationship, which apparently ended inwhen the Dowager Duchess found out.

Despite this, Catherine and Dereham may have parted with intentions to marry upon his return from Irelandagreeing to a precontract of marriage. If indeed they exchanged vows before having sexual intercourse, they would have been considered married in the eyes of the Church. Catherine's uncle, the Duke of Norfolkfound her a place at Court in the household of the King's fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

The King had displayed little interest in Anne from the beginning, but on Thomas Cromwell 's failure to find a new match for Henry, Norfolk saw an opportunity. The Howards may have sought to recreate the influence gained during Queen Anne's reign. According to Nicholas Sanderthe religiously conservative Howard family may have seen Catherine as a figurehead for their fight by expressed determination to restore Roman Catholicism to England.

As the King's interest in Catherine grew, so did the house of Norfolk's influence. Her youth, prettiness and vivacity were captivating for moms dating a vampire middle-aged sovereign, who claimed he had never known "the like to any woman". Within months of her arrival at court, Henry bestowed gifts of land and expensive cloth upon Catherine. Henry called her his 'rose without a thorn' and the 'very jewel of womanhood'.

Holbein's portrait showed a young auburn-haired girl with a characteristically hooked Howard nose; Catherine was said to have a "gentle, earnest face. Catherine was young, joyous and carefree; Mannox had taught her to play the virginals.

She was too young to take part in administrative matters of State. Nevertheless, every night Sir Thomas HeneageGroom of the Stoolcame to her chamber to report on the King's well-being. No plans were made for a coronation, yet she still travelled downriver in the royal barge into the City of London to a gun salute and some acclamation. She was settled by jointure at Baynard Castle: Every day she dressed with new clothes in the French fashion bedecked with precious jewels. With ominous foresight the motto adopted read Non autre volonte que la sienne No other wish but hisdecorated in gold around her sleeves.

The Queen escaped plague-ridden London in August when on progress. The royal couple's entourage travelled on honeymoon through Reading and Buckingham. On 29 August the Duke of Grafton arrived for a Council meeting.

After the Queen's Chamberlain got drunk and misbehaved, the King was in a bad mood when they moved on to Wokingwhen his health improved. The King embarked on a lavish spending spree to celebrate who is anne burrell dating marriage, with extensive refurbishments and developments at the Palace of Whitehall.

This was followed by more expensive gifts for Christmas at Hampton Court Palace. That winter the King's bad moods deepened and grew more furious. Undoubtedly the pain from his ulcerous legs was agony, but did not make relations any easier at court. He accused councillors of being "lying time-servers", and began to regret losing Cromwell. After a dark depressed March, his mood lifted at Easter.

Preparations were in place for any signs of a royal pregnancy, reported by Marillac on 15 April as "if it be found true, to have her crowned at Whitsuntide. It was alleged that, in springCatherine had already embarked upon a romance with Henry's favourite male courtier, Thomas Culpepera young man who "had succeeded [him] in the Queen's affections", according to Dereham's later testimony. Culpeper called Catherine "my little, sweet fool" in a love letter; [17] she considered marrying him during her time as a maid-of-honour to Anne of Cleves.

During the autumn Northern Progressa crisis began to loom over Catherine's conduct. People who had witnessed her earlier indiscretions while still a ward at Lambeth contacted her for favours in return for their silence, and many of them were appointed to her royal household.

The brother of Mary LascellesJohn Lascellestried to convince his sister to find a place within the Queen's royal chamber, who is anne burrell dating, however, Mary refused stating she had witnessed the "light" ways of Queen Catherine while living together at Lambeth. After hearing this John Lascelles reported such who is anne burrell dating to Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmerwho then interrogated Lascelles' sister and upon doing so became informed of Catherine's previous illicit sexual relations while under the Duchess' care.

Cranmer immediately took up the case to be made to topple his rivals—the Roman Catholic Norfolk family. Lady Rochford was interrogated, and from fear of being tortured, agreed to tell all. She told how she had watched for Catherine backstairs as Culpeper had made his escapes from the Queen's room.

During the investigation, a love letter written in the Queen's distinctive handwriting was found in Culpeper's chambers. This is the only letter of hers that still survives other than her later confession. On 7 NovemberArchbishop Cranmer led a delegation of councillors to Winchester PalaceSouthwark, to question her.

Even the staunch Cranmer found Catherine's frantic, incoherent state pitiable, saying, "I found her in such lamentation and heaviness as I never saw no creature, so that it would have pitied any man's heart to have looked upon her.

Establishing the existence of a precontract between Catherine and Dereham would have had the effect of terminating Catherine's royal union, but it also would have allowed Henry to annul their marriage and banish her from Court, in poverty and disgrace, without having to execute her. Yet still she steadfastly denied any precontract, maintaining that Dereham had raped her. Catherine was stripped of her title as queen on 23 Novemberand imprisoned in the new Syon AbbeyMiddlesexformerly a convent, where she remained throughout the winter of The King would be at Hampton Court, but she would not see him again.

Despite these actions taken against her, her marriage to Henry was never formally annulled. Culpeper and Dereham were arraigned at Guildhall on 1 December for high treason.

They were executed at Tyburn on 10 DecemberCulpeper being beheaded and Dereham being hanged, drawn and quartered. According to custom, their heads were placed on spikes atop of London Bridge. Many of Catherine's relatives were also detained in the Tower with the exception of her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, who had sufficiently distanced himself from the scandal by retreating to Kenninghall to write a grovelling letter of apology. The duke knew his family had fallen from grace, wrote an apology on 14 December to the King, excusing himself and laying all the blame on his niece and stepmother.

In time, they were released with their goods restored. The King sank into morbidity and indulged his appetite for food. Catherine herself remained in limbo until Parliament introduced a bill of attainder on 29 Januarywhich was passed on 7 February When the Lords of the Council came for her, who is anne burrell dating, she panicked and screamed aloud, as they manhandled her into the waiting barge that would escort her to the Tower on Friday 10 Februaryher flotilla passing under London Bridge where the heads of Culpeper and Dereham were impaled and remained until Entering through the Traitors' Gate she was led to her prison cell.

The next day, the bill of attainder received Royal Assentand Catherine's execution was scheduled for 7: The night before her execution, Catherine is believed to have spent many hours practising how to lay her head upon the block, which had been brought to her at her request. She made a speech describing her punishment as "worthy and just" and asked for mercy for her family and prayers for her soul. According to popular folklore, her final words were, "I die a Queen, but I would rather have died the wife of Culpeper", however no eyewitness accounts support this.

Instead, reporting that she stuck to traditional final words, asking for forgiveness for her sins and acknowledging that she deserved to die 'a thousand deaths' for betraying the king, funny lines for online dating had always treated her so graciously.

Catherine was beheaded with a single stroke of the executioner's axe. Lady Rochford was executed immediately thereafter on Tower Green. Both their bodies were buried in an unmarked grave in the nearby chapel of St. King Henry did not attend. Catherine's body was not one of those identified during restorations of the chapel during Queen Victoria 's reign.

She is commemorated on a plaque on the west wall dedicated to all those who died in the Tower. Each is more or less sympathetic, though they disagree on various important points involving Catherine's motivations, date of birth, and overall character. Several of these writers have been highly critical of Catherine's conduct, if sympathetic to her eventual fate.

Baldwin Smith described Catherine's life as one of hedonismand characterised her as a " juvenile delinquent ".


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Largest studio could accommodate a full orchestra and chorus. Brookfield Farm was located in Studio 2 at Broad Street for 20 years. All staged in either one of the studios or outside the front of Pebble Mill.

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Hi Pete In my defence — over the spelling mistake, the original document that I transcribed this history from has Lankester spelt wrongly! I will all ways remember the good old days. What Was Pebble Mill? Then give it a tweet! Subscribe Share Stay Informed Choose the way you would like to be notified for latest posts. March 28, at 8: April 1, at 9: April 2, at 5: July 14, at 3: February 10, at Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.


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