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This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab. A Big Name Fan BNF is someone who, while not officially associated with the company that produces a given work — say, for the purposes of this article, Star Wars — is still widely known in the Star Wars fan community, and possibly by the producers of Star Wars themselves. Maybe they created a Star Wars Fanfic or other amateur Derivative Work that is so well-done everyone in the fandom has seen it.

Maybe they just got posted on YouTube waving a lightsaber around like a spastic monkey. Regardless, everyone in the fandom now knows their name This can get a little weird for dating site for gamers and nerds BNFs, who often still think of themselves as "just another fan. It's arguable where the line is between Big Name Fan and just plain fan is, of course. However, when they're invited to speak at a Star Wars convention, or hired by Lucasfilm to continue what they were already doing for free, any doubt that they've become a Big Name Fan goes out the window.

The recognition is great, but remember that Celebrity Is Overrated: BNFs are easy targets, and are often singled out for torment by jealous fans. This may extend to their friends. Thankfully, the anonymity factor helps their life from getting too crazy: Sakky, Sakura, or Sailor Astera is probably one of the more well known fan character creators in the Sailor Moon fandom.

Usagi Kou is more well-known, dating site for gamers and nerds. Though not necessarily for good reasons. Ian Miller is known as the idol of purists everywhere for doing in-depth research about what the canon terminology is supposed to be. Oh, and having a thing for collecting fanart of Hotaru in a bikini. Gigguk is one popular anime reviewer. Brad DeMoss, one of the pioneers of the Fan Vid concept. He regularly co-hosts the Masquerade event at AnimeExpo.

Mark Simmons, maintainer of the now-defunct Gundam Project website, ended up getting hired to assist with the English-language adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam. Of similar note is his occasional work partner, Keith Rhee. Rhee originally started the Gundam Project site and later maintained Bandai's own Gundam Official site for a number of years, dating site for gamers and nerds. Giovanna and Yasha of Empty Movement have kept alive Revolutionary Girl Utena fandom for years and were responsible for a revival of that fandom over the last three years when they opened a forum.

Alan Harnum is considered the writer of Utena fanfiction. His unfinished opus is almost considered required reading in Utena fandom.

Little Kuriboh is one of the few Big Name Fans who has made a big name for himself outside the fandom in question. In black speed dating nashville he's pretty much a hero and a saint.

And 4Kids has been known to express their enjoyment as well. Christopher Sabat is good friends with him and his team, although he recently stated that he hopes they use their great talent for original work someday. Slifertheskydragon is considered by most fans to be the best and most prolific artist in the Yu Gi Oh fandom.

She also hosts fan activities, fan panels and is on first name basis with most of the Japanese and English production staff.

In Marcha card signed by Slifertheskydragon sold on ebay for dollars in a charity auction. CristinaVee is a newcomer in the dubbing industry, but even before that, she caught the eyes of Bang!

Zoom Entertainment with her dubbing talents at a convention. Satashi in the Lyrical Nanoha fandom, on FF. Similar to McFeely, Grace Anderson, known commonly as "Megchan", was not only the official translator for the first four seasons of Digimonbut also ran a now-defunct fan site called Megchan's Digimon Sekai where she provided overseas fans access to Japanese material and translated updates as the shows were coming out in Japan.

With Cartoon Network 's Toonami block revived ina few fans have become so excited and vocal that Williams Street noticed them and have used their work on several occasions. Amateur rapper Richie Branson wrote several raps on Toonami's return and on shows they aired, the first of which the staff used to kick off the first broadcast on TV in May! Many songs used in the TV bumps are by fans of the block. In fact, the latter's work became so well known that their parody's been referenced by a fan in Japan during Nagisa's birthday, and even by Greg Aryes, the dub voice of Nagisa!

Hiroshi Matsuyama of Cyber Connect 2 is video game developer example of this. The main reason he even makes Naruto and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure licensed games is because of his love for each series. Many fans of both consider his games based on them to be the best of them all. Masashi Kishimoto even stated in a review that Storm 3 told his own story better then he could! Nisekoi has Y-san from Chiba Prefecture, Marika's biggest supporter.

His feats include putting Marika on top of the popularity polls, sending gifts to the author for her and actually placing on the popularity polls. The epilogue even has Marika just about to encounter a "man from Chiba", strongly implied to be him. Gambiccini hasn't ever rested on his laurels as since then he's gone on to be a noted author and academic. Linkara is this for Gail Simone and the fan favorite series Fifty Two.

Daredevil fan Kuljit Mithra, creator of the website Manwithoutfear. The site is considered the best archive of information on the comic book character, to the extent that writers of the Daredevil title routinely consult it for research, and Brian Micheal Bendis thanked Mithra in the afterword of his nerve dating site review issue as a writer for Daredevil.

In Spider Girla temporary love interest for the main character, Chris Jarkoer, was named after a fan, Jarkover. Dave Campbell, who writes the blog Dave's Long Box"I'm going to review my comic book collection and you're going to like it! Jess Nevins, whose various comic annotations not only lead him to literally writing the manual for each volume of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen but also backup work in Ed Brubraker's Incognito.

Peter Sanderson, a comic book historian whose research work has been used by both DC and Marvel since the '80s. He's an academic in the field of comics and has written a long-running column. Simon Pegg overlaps this with Promoted Fanboy.

George Takei is a big fan of Usagi Yojimbo after discovering it in when the Japanese American National Museum put on an exhibit for the comic. He even wrote the intro to the 28th collection. After some complicated legal issues, it finally turned out that Goodall herself loved the cartoon and was completely unaware of any of what had happened, which quickly cleared everything up. In fact, the Jane Goodall Institute now has a licensing deal, and T-shirts featuring the "Jane Goodall Tramp" cartoon became one of the hottest sellers.

Derrick Bang has held this role in the Peanuts fandom since the early '90s. After amassing a complete collection of strips by going through microfilms of old newspapers, he wrote a lengthy FAQ for the Peanuts newsgroup, then expanded that into a website and a book 50 Years of Happinessboth with the cooperation of Charles M. Since then he's written several other Peanuts -related books and does freelance work for the Schulz organization. A Don Martin strip in an issue of Mad showed Wayne Gretzky in a dentist's chair with his dentist informing him a tooth had to be removed.

The next frame shows the dentist preparing to slap shot a puck at Mr. Wayne Gretzky wrote Tony horton datingtelling them that he was a dating copeland spode marks fan and actually requesting a poster-sized print of the strip to give to his dentist whom he assured them used somewhat more modern techniques. It's one of the few Letters to the Editor that the Mad editorial staff didn't thoroughly mock when reprinted.

Creator Berke Breathed maintained a written correspondence with her for a while, and made a strip in her honor when she died. Dorkman is a well-known fan video that uses skillful choreography and special effects to create a live-action lightsaber duel. After overwhelming fan response, Ryan and "Dorkman" proceeded to film a rematch, this time with a score composed for free!

The fact that the lightsaber fights is better than the ones in the movies They were helping with the movie fights, and this is the stuff that they were not allowed to do! Speaking of Star WarsSuperShadow, infamous for being the one guy you should never ever believe about upcoming developments. The irony being that he was right about the female Exile, so idiots edit Wookieepedia to say the Jedi Exile is male.

Albin Johnson, founder of the st Legion, eventually had his organization worked into Star Wars canon: Darth Vader's personal platoon is named the st.

Ernie Fosselus acted and directed one of the best parody films of Star Wars ever made, the minute long Hardware Wars. Bill "Jettman" Ramey, founder of the "Batman on Film" website and forum, is pretty well known to a good number of people in the online Batman and Superhero fandom.

Frank Miller is a huge fan of Wonder Womangoing so far as to call it the crown jewel of superhero movies.

Cassandra Cassie Claireknown for popularizing if not in fact creating a certain characterization of Draco Malfoyand for plagiarizing most of her well known fic in that fandom. Parlayed her pre-existing fan-base into a publishing deal for her original fiction.

Melissa Anelli, webmistress of The Leaky Cauldron. A History book and is often called on by the media to talk about the series. She is also a senior creative consultant on Pottermore, a project officially endorsed by Rowling. The Lexicon was one of the websites J.

Rowling favored in the Harry Potter fandom, dating site for gamers and nerds they decided to publish a book based on the website that was almost entirely her own words Makani is one of the most famous Harry Potter fanartists.

Her art is used in The Leaky Cauldron as a kind of "official" image for HP characters, and her take on the Malfoy family is source of much fanon. And then Valve hired her. Neil Cicierega is especially well known for his Potter Puppet Pals series. Emerson Spartz, creator of Mugglenetdeffinitely qualifies for this, as he has interviewed J.

Rowling and he was one of the writers involved in two HP-based books, both of which were best-sellers. At least among the Marauders Era fanbase, The Shoebox Project is often accepted as the definitive fanfiction for the four friends. The writers, Live Journal users ladyjaida and dorkorific are respected and revered among the fandom.

And now she has her own fandom. Ninety percent of Havemercy fangirls started as Shoebox fangirls, and they're an insanely loyal bunch.


The nation has spoken: So says the Washington Post: So says Newsweek, which renames the area Silly-Con Valley in its honor. Or maybe we should try to be more quantitative about this. I looked at the latest batch of 52 startups from legendary Silicon Valley startup incubator Y Combinator. So I also looked at the first twenty startups in the portfolio of Andreessen Horowitz , a famous Valley venture capitalist firm.

One of them seemed explicitly prosocial — some kind of science education partnership company. Four of them seemed high-tech or otherwise awesome — including the obligatory aerial-surveying-with-drones company.

Which is hardly that vapid — nobody would bat an eye at that if it were done by Kodak or Staples. So how come everyone thinks that they are? A structured-light optical engine for cytological research? Or to put it another way: Any Jew who enters will find themselves in a united Israel; any Muslim who enters will find themselves in an independent Palestine. So I would recommend people stop talking about how Silicon Valley only makes ridiculous overpriced juicers.

It does, just like everywhere else. A Facebook friend pointed out that QVC has been selling our parents ridiculous overpriced kitchen items since before we were born. Anything remotely good in the world gets invaded by rent-seeking parasites and empty suits. Silicon Valley is no exception, and raising awareness of the infestation is certainly a public service.

At its worst, some of their criticism sounds more like a worry that there might still be some weird nerds who think they can climb out of the crab-bucket, and they need to be beaten into submission by empty suits before they can get away. But I still feel like people should lay off the criticism a little. When Wall Street screws up, the country is plunged into recession and poor families lose their homes. Which by all accounts makes pretty good juice. Did anyone else have trouble figuring out which of those startups were real, and which Scott made up?

Anywho, media extrapolates something to infinity. Did not even consider he would smuggle fake ones in there. This part is hilarious: Also, blaming Wall St. I prefer to blame witches who put a hex on house prices back in ! Which animals would you not mind existing as, rather than never existing?

Some beef cows have decent welfare, and are allowed a fair amount of space to roam, so depending on the farm I would not mind existing as a beef cow. I would probably not want to be a dairy cow, a chicken, or any animal which spends the majority of its time confined in a space too small to turn around in.

It seems reasonable to extrapolate pain as bad, since lots of organisms act as if they share that preference, but hard to go much beyond that. Animals have the same basic neurological structures and emotions as humans.

They get bored when they have nothing to occupy them. When they are under stress physical or emotional they show physiological signs of being under stress. And there are practices like beak-trimming, which can prevent chickens from hurting each other in close quarters but are still probably painful and traumatic. To keep the wolves out and the warmth in? Look, I enjoyed Chicken Run as much as anyone, but the idea that any great effort is needed to block the desperate escape attempts of farm animals is just not aligned with reality.

And keeping the wolves out of the henhouse. Temple Grandin has done research on animal preferences. The environmental concerns are a bit more complicated than that. And so we got a generation of people who had two children and then one child and hey look, the carbon footprint is still so massive, we are now discussing how to reduce it.

So with the study mentioned above; people reducing meat eating in their diet made up for it in other ways. Alcohol is perfectly vegetarian and even vegan, but it contributes to the carbon footprint:. However, the more complex and interesting finding was that those who ate the most red meat did not differ significantly in their carbon footprint compared to the group that consumed the least amount of red meat. Instead, the total quantity of food consumed was the important factor as was the quantities of processed meat, carbonated beverages, savoury snacks and alcohol within the diet.

The conclusion of the research was that a holistic assessment of diet is required when making dietary recommendations based on climate change rather than focusing on one food group alone. I can get behind the sentiment that parents might buy luxuries instead of necessities if they remain childless. But those potential children would eventually grow up to be consumers in their own right and either have children themselves or just get more iPhones.

Also, I doubt much of lowering birth rates is caused by a conscious decision to decrease our carbon footprint. The more people there are, the more they consume. If the population were a fifth of what it is, there would probably be about a fifth as much consumption.

Technology tends to march forward regardless. Their kids would also have iPhones. Though most of the population explosion is not happening in the West anyway, as I understand it, so you could argue that people in prosperous countries deciding to have or not have kids is statistically irrelevant. A few decades back, there were people who viewed having children as a bad thing because it led to overpopulation—that was before people were worrying about global warming.

And, on the national scale, there was a very substantial effect—the one child policy in China and less extreme policies elsewhere. The actual events of the past fifty years were very nearly the opposite of what the people worrying about overpopulation predicted—rising per capita calorie consumption in poor countries instead of mass famine. When people had fewer or no children, they had some extra money and time.

Yes, technology marches on, but cheap foreign holidays, new consumer goods, getting bigger houses, etc. Or do you really think the standard of living in the West has remained at s levels? Sure, do away with the cows and the chickens. But people will still want to fly to the city instead of taking the bus or train or driving or even worse, never getting to go to the big city. For the sake of the planet. I mean, this argument seems to rely on a stereotype of CF people being high rollers who take expensive trips and eat out at expensive restaurants every night.

Those people certainly exist, but there are also those who are use their extra time and money to stay at home and read a book, or rent a movie, or go for more long walks in the woods. I mean, really, how many people take a skiing trip every year? Kids are really expensive. If anything, it seems like they do it more though, again, probably depends on the individuals. I mean, how far does this line of argument go? If the human population were reduced to one million, do you think those one million people would find ways to consume just as much as the seven billion or so are currently consuming?

The fundamental mistake in your argument is that you forget that people are productive. You are implicitly assuming that the amount of consumption is constant, with more people meaning less consumption per person. With more people more is produced and so more is consumed. But there is no reason to expect it to leave total production and total consumption constant. You want to compare factory-farmed animals to what would otherwise exist.

And yes, domestic animals will tend to come at the expense of wild animals, because the sun only produces so many bio-available calories through photosynthesis. Looking at it through this lens of opportunity cost, I think that meat consumption creates a sizable negative externality, and we should all support taxes on meat to internalize that externality.

In the meantime, the ethical thing to do is to reduce our consumption of meat, as if this disincentive already existed e. The question that would interest me then would be how many calories would be used to produce artificial meat. And if you value the life of a farm animal above zero, what would be the netgain if we replace factory farming with wildlife and labmeat production? We would probably not have as many animals in the wild as in the farms the former might replace if we need to expend ressources on labs.

You can probably reconstruct my position on this from a combination of http: This is because Sumner is inconsistent. When he looks back at a time period he does one of two things. But there was certainly a fair bit of bad behavior that became visible in the aftermath of the housing crisis and subsequent financial crisis. For example, it looks to me as a non-expert like the rating agencies were doing a crap job evaluating the risk of some complicated financial products, probably because they were being paid by the people whose products they were rating.

And then there were the bailouts, which were pretty secretive and arguably exceeded the legal authority of the people carrying them out. Many of these appear to have benefitted some very powerful and well-connected companies, and often those companies had been involved pretty heavily in creating and profiting from the preconditions of the financial crisis.

CBs should use futures markets to gauge their actions. However what he never notes is that by his preferred available metric TIPS spreads monetary policy was not sensible from From 10 year TIPs spreads fairly consistently implied future inflation of 2. SS splits the two time frames as if he knew in real time what the Fed was doing wrong, but in actually is doing it in hindsight his blog archives start in Feb But the housing crisis only turned in to such a deep recession because of the Feds tight monetary policy.

I see three separate crises. The private banking system and the GSEs[Government Sponsored Entities] both played a major role in causing too much housing to be built in the mids. The errors of the private banking system were due to both misjudgment they did lose money after all and bad incentives moral hazard due to various government backstops. Pretty much the same is true of the GSEs, although their role has always been a bit more politicized, and Congress must accept some blame for pushing them to boost the housing market.

But this was a modest problem, as the first graph shows.


Luxury lingerie from Agent Provocateur. Shop for exquisite lingerie, classic corsetry, sumptuous nightwear, striking hosiery, sensual beauty and playful accessories. A Big Name Fan (BNF) is someone who, while not officially associated with the company that produces a given work — say, for the purposes of this . The nation has spoken: weird pointless $ wi-fi enabled juicer company Juicero is the perfect symbol of Silicon Valley. So says the Washington Post: Juicero Shows What’s Wrong With Silicon Valley Thinking.

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