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David Alan "Dave" Coulier born September 21, [1] is an American actor, alanis morissette dating, voice actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist and television host. Clair Shores, Michiganon September 21, He briefly attended the University of Michigan but dropped out after his freshman year to pursue comedy. The two became good friends and Coulier briefly lived with Saget and his then-wife Sherri on their couch in the early s as he struggled to get his career started.

He was initially cast as a player for Saturday Night Live for the season. However, right before the season started, casting changes were made and he was left off the show. It was said that many of the producers felt he was too similar in humor style to Dana Carveyfunny video dating tape was also joining the show inand that was why the change was made.

From tohe was also the host of a comedy series on Nickelodeon known as Out of Control. He was famous for doing voices and impersonations. He also put out a solo album john lennon dating Cut It Outalanis morissette dating, a self-proclaimed alanis morissette dating to " tank tops and short shorts.

In addition to his voice work, Coulier has also taken a few acting parts appearing in the Disney Channel Original Movie 's The Thirteenth Year and The Even Stevens Movie where he had a cameo as a reality show hostas well as the Nickelodeon original movie Shredderman Rules and he wrote and starred in an unaired pilot for FX called Whispers and Balls.

He also founded his own children's entertainment company F3 Entertainmentin InCoulier appeared on season three of The Surreal Life. They were eliminated in episode four. Currently, he best dating headline quotes a member of Duck's Breath Mystery Theater touring comedy troupe which he claims is clean comedy but "not quite as creepy" as Full House as well as host of the series Animal Kidding.

His work on Robot Chicken is probably his most "adult" to date, voicing off-color situations, like Popeye savagely beating Wimpy over a debt. On June 2,Chikaraprofessional wrestling promotion based in PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaannounced that Coulier was elected by the Chikara Board of Directors as the new commissioner of the company, a position that he held for two years until the next election which took place on May 25, Coulier became the first alanis morissette dating other than Rick Moranis to portray the character, as Moranis who serves as executive producer was not interested in resuming the part.

Coulier says he understands that longtime fans might be skeptical of his take on the role, but he could not help jumping at the chance to portray one of his favorite comic characters.

It's such an established, great character and I guess the only thing I have going for me is that it kind of sounds alike and that half of my family is from Canada. Coulier continued to make regular television appearances as the host of shows such as America's Funniest People and America's Most Talented Kid. He continues to tour the U. Coulier's stand-up routine is centered on his ability to mimic celebrities and cartoon characters, a talent that has given him a second career in voice acting.

Many of Coulier's bits involve putting well-known characters into unexpected situations. Coulier has also been known to include harmonica playing in his act. Coulier's material is largely family-friendly, a position he has extended to his youth-oriented comedy website, cleanguys. In the early s, Coulier was married for two years to Jayne Modean. They have one son, named Luc Coulier, born in Coulier is a private pilot who owns and flies a B35 Bonanza.

His first general aviation flight was at the age of five in Michigan. He earned his pilot's license at the same airport later in and is now instrument rated. Inhe did more flight training in a Cirrus SR20 to "keep current". Coulier is an ice hockey fan and participates in charity events with the Detroit Red Wings. He is also an avid fan of the Detroit Tigers and has played in a few celebrity softball games alongside Tigers fan Tom Selleck.

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Rude Dog older dating online uk the Dweebs. The New Adventures of Superman.

The Even Stevens Movie. America's Most Talented Kid. Farce of the Penguins. How I Met Your Mother. I Love You ".


How are you not moved by this?! Because I'm listening to the words. This is what happens when a song with lyrics which are intended to be ironic is ironically used unironically in the soundtrack of a show, demonstrating either ignorance or willful misuse by the producers.

Commercials are major offenders. A similar effect is when a song with an upbeat melody is used as background music in upbeat scenes despite having very dark lyrics. This sort is also Soundtrack Dissonance of the other kind.

Why does this happen? In many cases, the Dissonance comes between the first verse and the second, or between the verses and the chorus. The problem is that the first verse and chorus are the parts most people remember about a song and the parts most producers use.

Sometimes, they only know and use the chorus. The rest of the lyrics don't matter until you head off to the kitchen. This trope is named for the Alanis Morissette song "Ironic"; see our article on her for more on that. Related to Analogy Backfire. This trope is about music only and should not be potholed as an equivalent to Take That. There is a page about irony itself - what it actually means, and what the different types are - and it's called ironically " Irony ".

Afterward he turns to an aide and points out how inappropriate the music choice is. What's with the exit music? You ever listen to that song? It's all about death and crack-babies. When Ron tries to explain how his feelings for Veronica Corningstone go beyond the desire for sex, he decides to explain the feeling of love, by singing "Afternoon Delight", a song about two people whose relationship is mostly sexual.

Quoth Garland Greene Steve Buscemi when the convicts escape from the desert strip in their plane and celebrate: Deliberate example in the rich tradition of "badly chosen wedding songs" in 45 Years. Kate and Geoff want their first dance played again for their 45th anniversary, and it's obvious that the lyrics aren't foremost in their minds — they refer to it as "our first dance" and "the Platters song", and Kate absent mindedly hums the tune at one point.

The film ends with Smoke Gets In Your Eyes playing at the party, and Kate seemingly hearing it properly for the first time — it's about love blinding you to the flaws in a relationship, and it ends in heartbreak. This happens twice in the same episode: Lindsay and George Michael aunt and nephew were away when Michael and Maeby figured out the nature of the lyrics, and decided to sing the same exact song , coming to a similar, horrified revelation. When one of his victims tells him she recognized that the song he played at the bar was the same one he played when he was raping her, he explains that he played it because it was the music that he chose when he asked for his wife's hand.

The victim doesn't buy it Lampshaded in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai is going through Sookie's selections for her wedding to Jackson: You cannot walk down the aisle to that. It's depressing, it's morbid It's a classic song. A classic song with lyrics about a woman who can't make her relationship work, whose life is filled with emptiness and regret and pain.

Oh, who listens to the lyrics? Seasons in the Sun? Cat's in the Cradle? Don't Cry Out Loud? Sookie, do you even like Jackson? John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" "Ain't that America" is not a bold, daring song about interior design.

But then, it's generally not taken that way. The example is actually played 'straight' as Kurt is trying to sing a manly song to contrast his reputation of being camp gay.

Parodied in the episode "Sexy" with Emma wanting to use "Afternoon Delight" to promote the Celibacy Club, under the mistaken belief that it was about having dessert in the middle of the day.

Idina Menzel in a special mentions how during her appearance in the first season specifically "Theatricality" , the touching reunion song with her daughter being "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga seemed odd, to say the least. Special attention was given to the bridge's lyrics. The season 3 episode "I Kissed a Girl" has the girls performing the homonymous song during Santana's coming out, immediately after attacking a boy for not taking lesbianism seriously.

While the song is actually about bicuriosity, all of the lines that explicitly refer to that aspect like the ones mentioning a boyfriend are given to Rachel, who is straight. Having Finn sing "Losing My Religion" in "Grilled Cheesus" while having a crisis of faith, even though that song isn't about religion as Michael Stipe noted, it's Southern slang for losing one's patience. Having Puck and Finn sing "Glory Days" during graduation in the season 3 finale, when that song is about mocking people who are fixated on high school.

Having Mercedes sing "Spotlight" in "Asian F" about her desire for the spotlight, when it's about a woman in an abusive relationship. One might start wondering whether or not this is played intentionally as a Running Gag If you listen to more than just the refrain, "You Are My Sunshine" by Jimmie Davis is about how the love of the singer's life has left him, and how miserable he is, and how she'll never be happy without him.

The Doctor likes to sing this to Seven of Nine or have her sing it to him as a love song. Played hauntingly straight in one episode where the Doctor had his ethical subroutines removed. At that point, he was experimenting with her borg implants, forcing her to vocally sing along with him. He seemed to be well aware of the song's meaning. In "Saturdays of Thunder", Homer discovers he's being a neglectful father to Bart and calls the National Fatherhood Institute for help; their hold music is "Cat's in the Cradle".

In the third season episode "Homer Alone", Homer loses Maggie and calls the police to speak to their "missing baby department". This trope was used a lot during Season Three. In Earth The Book , the Daily Show writers call this "the precise moment when culture and commercialism stopped fighting and started making sweet, sweet love. They should've just used the musical intro it is very cheerful and peppy. John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" "Ain't that America" , in innumerable vaguely patriotic car commercials.

Face it - even if you know the truth about the song, it still sounds vaguely patriotic. YMMV; it actually is an extremely patriotic and idealistic song, it just might disagree with some people's politics.

The "Zoom Zoom" jingle that appears in Mazda's commercials is actually an old Capoeira song which goes "Zum Zum Zum, capoeira mata um", which, given that capoeira is Brazilian Dance Battling , roughly means "Zoom Zoom Zoom, Capoeira can kill you, or Capoeira kills someone ".

Mazda carefully excises all this nonsense about Capoeira, natch — all they care about is the zoom, zoom, zooming. To be fair, they only used the chorus, which goes "I don't know what's right or what's real anymore". The late David Bowie suffered from this a lot — ever since his work first got mass media attention. In , all the trailers for Milk a biographical movie about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors used Bowie's song "Queen Bitch" Hunky Dory , which raises unfortunate questions about how the marketing team felt about the film's subject.

Then there was the jeans commercial that put videos of masculine men to the song "The Jean Genie" Aladdin Sane. The only appropriate response is "You're all aware the song is about gay sex, right? It's about an astronaut lost in the empty space forever — or rather until his eventual cremation by re-entry — sung in a tone quite appropriate for describing such a fate, and the Ground Control guy sounds plainly hopeless by the end.

The BBC used "Space Oddity", when it was originally released in , as part of its coverage of the moon landing. The ad proper pushes the technology of the car and how "futuristic" it looks. It cuts off after "you've really made the grade". An Australian car commercial used Polka by Yves Klein Blue, a song about drug addiction, and how it can destroy people. Which goes from light and soft to screaming freak out.

Needless to say, only the first few seconds were used as mood music. A series of Wrangler jeans commercials used the first lines "Some folks are born, made to wave the flag, Ooh they're red white and blue" of Creedence Clearwater Revival 's song "Fortunate Son" Willy And The Poor Boys superimposed with patriotic images. They pointedly left out the next line: The song is lambasting people who proclaim their patriotism while expecting others to make the sacrifices for the country and was specifically targeted at David Eisenhower, Dwight's grandson and Richard Nixon 's son-in-law.

Never mind that the chorus says, vehemently and often "it ain't me". If anything, the song is telling you not to buy what's on the commercial. They're oddly apropos for the History Channel, especially considering their newfound love of both the end of the world and the pretend. It was pulled really quickly. The second line, "Yeah, what's wrong with it today?

Stylized commercials for American mega-store Target featured Devo's "Beautiful World" — a song mocking the consumer culture the ad intended to glorify.

The lyrics were completely rewritten, at least. A series of Gerber commercials use "The Winner Is There was also a Honda Hybrid commercial featuring the music of the Postal Service's "We Will Become Silhouettes", another song about a nuclear holocaust. Apparently, green energy and atomic super weapons go hand in hand. Ditto for "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades " by Timbuk3, but at least this one is not quite direct, even though both lyrics and music video create a Black Comedy picture in a style rather close to the original Fallout.

A Telus commercial used "99 Red Balloons" as well, though in German so that people not familiar with it can enjoy the song and the 99 pretty red balloons and ignore the whole annihilation bit. I mean, cars move you, so "Move Along" is the perfect line On the other, the song's still being used with kid's toys. Speaking of suicide in car commercials, one for Hyundai prominently features "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins , which incidentally features irony in a prominent manner: Presumably using his Hyundai in a closed garage.

Another car company used "Turn It On Again" by Genesis in one of their commercials—a song about a man who lives vicariously through his television and is a Stalker With A Crush. How about the same band's "Tonight Tonight Tonight", a song about a paranoid junkie making a drug deal late at night, being used for a famous Michelob beer commercial? After "Jesus He Knows Me" was released, the Christian TV station, the Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN , figured the band had discovered religion and picked up the song's video to air, but they decided not to after learning that the song is actually about a televangelist who lives a decadent, corrupt lifestyle off the donations from his viewers.


Uninvited by Alanis Morissette song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. Alanis Morissette is one of the most successful female artists and songwriters of all time and has sold in excess of 60 million albums worldwide. Her voice is instantly recognizable and she is a consummate live performer. On July 2nd, , Alanis Morissette returned to Montreux as part of her. An exclusive interview on, Alanis Morissette's website, with Nadine Artemis where she discusses her essential oil, dental and beauty products.

Bargeman Alanis Morissette is one of the most successful female artists and songwriters of all time and has sold in excess of 60 million albums worldwide. Her voice is instantly recognizable and she is a consummate live performer. On July 2nd, , Alanis Morissette returned to Montreux as part of her. The Isn't It Ironic? trope as used in popular culture. This is what happens when a song with lyrics which are intended to be ironic is (ironically) used .