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Below you will find an array of free resources for you and your classroom. Clicking on the title takes you to the resource described. The most recent entries are displayed.

The database is searchable back to The site also has classroom lessons ranging from simple sensory activities for grades preK—2 to deeper investigations for grades 3—5 examining how the brain learns. Brian Ricketts, a retired geologist in New Zealand, writes this Earth science blog, which currently has more than articles on various topics, and the posts mostly are written for non-technical folk, or non-geology people. Ricketts has been connected with many of the blog's topics from a research, teaching, or consulting perspective, but some he hasn't, like climate science.

In addition, the site features an atlas of images on geological topics. Currently it contains only his photos imagesbut he plans to include those of other geologists. Images are freely available to anyone, especially students, teachers, and researchers.

The Atlas images and brief captions tend to be more technical than the blog posts, and are directed at a slightly different audience. The only restriction to using the images is that users do not on-sell them in any way without permission, and that users acknowledge where they came from.

The direct link to the Atlas is http: This program from Scholastic provides teachers with science lesson plans for K—5 students, as well as educational videos, activities, stories, games, and posters that encourage environmental stewardship. This dating a medical doctor features advice, resources and opportunities for women seeking a career in STEM fields.

Visitors will hear from STEM experts about What Women Bring to the Table, including facilitation and management skills, creativity and teamwork, and unique perspectives. For all ages, the site includes STEM competitions and awards; conferences, programs, and webinars; and mentorships and job shadowing opportunities. Looking to start a school-based astronomy club? Look no further than the ASAC community website.

Visitors will find links to astronomy content, suggestions for club activities differentiated by subject and grade level, a listing of astronomy-related community groups, tips on managing an after-school club, and more.

The site presents program ideas, case studies, research, links, and other resources to support place-based education projects for K—12 audiences. Veterans of PBE will be inspired by the site's vignettes from successful programs at elementary, middle level, and high schools around the country, while educators just beginning to move toward PBE will appreciate the FAQ information page click on What is PBE?

This page covers everything you need to know about getting started david banner dating PBE, from fitting PBE into the schedule and handling discipline outside of the classroom to gaining administrator support, finding funding, and understanding the ways PBE differs from environmental education and service learning.

Quanta Retford dating has a math column aimed at high school teachers and students called Quantized Academy. The series is written by Patrick Honner, a nationally recognized high school teacher from Brooklyn, New Iggy azalea dating asap rocky, who introduces basic concepts from the latest mathematical research. Check out a recent column, Four Is Not Enough: How many colors do you need to color an infinite plane so that dating two men points 1 unit apart are the same color?

Here's everything middle level and high school students need to know about earthquakes, presented through video, graphics, photos, interactive classroom projects, webcasts, and more, teachers dating in the same school.

The website from the Exploratorium in San Francisco has five primary sections: Quake Basics is a good starting point to learn about plate tectonics, faults, waves, and how the Earth's movements are measured. Great Shakes includes information about earthquakes in and around San Francisco, including video from the Dating sites where everything is free Series game when the earthquake started.

This website offers games, simulations and programming tools, curriculum, and online professional development courses in educational technology that demonstrate how advanced math, science, and humanities content can be effectively combined with state-of-the-art game play for deeper student understanding and engagement.

Produced by researchers at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and partners, game highlights include The Radix Endeavor for middle and high school levelsan immersive virtual learning experience in which students conduct experiments to learn how systems in a virtual Earth-like world work and then collaborate to solve problems using math teachers dating in the same school scientific reasoning; and Ubiquitous Bio for high school studentsa series of four biology-themed games for mobile devices in which students explore topics in genetics, protein synthesis, evolution, and food webs.

Teachers can access data generated by the games and use the data to inform future dating ocd woman plans. For example, build a boat with craft sticks, then test it to explore floating and engineering.

Have students create original art with an eye dropper and watercolor paint, or count and scoop floating balls to develop number sense. The programs are sponsored by leading science organizations—e.

Each directory listing includes a website link, a brief description of the program, and a contact person for more information.

The Vikings sailed from Greenland 1, years ago to explore North America, eventually landing in Newfoundland. At this archived website from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, middle and high school students can learn about Vikings through a multimedia learning experience based on a past museum exhibit on the topic.

To begin, take a room-by-room exhibit tour, learning facts about Viking exploration and viewing artifact images along the way. Next, click on Viking Voyage to journey from Scandinavia to the New World—as students drag uniform dating review uk ship along its course, they view and listen to lessons in history, archaeology, environment, genetics, and the Sagas. Their Ramps and Pathways program helps students develop physical science understandings and creativity as they design and build structures from cove molding available at any hardware store and observe the behaviors of various objects e.

The program is designed for younger students grades K—2but it can easily be adapted for use with different ages and in various settings from classrooms to camps and family science events. Visit the website to view inspirational videos explaining the program rationale and showcasing various ways the tools can be used to foster science, technology, engineering, and math STEM exploration and discovery.

In addition, a FAQ page provides helpful information on finding the supplies and managing their use in the classroom. Another page, Tips for Implementation, features examples of different types of questions e.

Targeted for middle level educators, the resources include hands-on activities exploring natural selection—e. Featuring interactive learning modules, a timeline of DNA events in history, a blog, and an online community of engaged educators to share ideas with, this website celebrating the discovery of DNA and its impacts has it all. A Scavenger Hunt and Finding the Structure: The plans include introductory materials, teacher pages, student worksheets, templates, and correlations to curriculum and national education standards.

Examine the bony anatomy of humans, baboons, and gorillas, and learn about the important morphological and muscular features of the skeleton. Created by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, the eSkeletons project and website offers several K—12 teaching resources on skeletal anatomy, including life-sized printouts of adult and juvenile human skeletons, word searches, crossword puzzles, matching games, and more.

The resources are versioned for elementary, middle, and high school levels, and there is also a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ section, which addresses questions about bone biology and the human skeleton, such as What materials make up bone? This interactive learning module for middle and high school levels explores marine upwellings—i.

The module contains step-by-step worksheets to guide students through investigations of Coastal California and Tropical Pacific study areas. In these investigations, students track and analyze temperature, wind, salinity, and chlorophyll data to learn about relationships between the data.

Hosted by Vanderbilt University, this website features a repository of more than 10, images of mainly plants and a few animals available for educational primarily middle and high school levels and personal use adult.

Click on a map to access taxa lists for different regions of the United States, or select List of All Species, then choose an entry to learn the characteristics of that plant species. Whenever possible, the images are taken in standardized sets to document distinctive features of each organism, allowing for easy comparison of the features of various taxa.

In addition, there are informational web pages on various botanical topics, including fruit and seed dispersal, identifying invasive plants, non-seed plant groups, and more. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation has many resources for educators and the public to learn about the science, history, and politics of the nuclear age.

The website features a Timeline of Nuclear Events in history along with special sections on key issues such as nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, space weapons, and ethical challenges in the nuclear age. This lesson series created by high school educator Nate Talafuse, presents coffee from a chemical perspective. With content available for students in grades 1—10, the free subscription offers never-expiring access to teacher tools and templates along with two weeks of unlimited access to content in all subject matters and grade levels.

Teachers can use the varied content to create and share custom differentiated lessons in many subjects, including science. Science content for the elementary level includes games, vocabulary lists, and study guides exploring animals, land habitats, water habitats, energy needs, the moon, stars, and planets, science inquiry skills, and other topics.

High school science content includes a collection of multimedia tutorials exploring acceleration and momentum, atomic configuration, balancing equations, wave interactions, sources of energy, and other topics. Invite elementary students to explore chemistry and secret affair dating with a fun chromatography experiment from Crayola.

Using paper towel strips, water, and water-based makers, students can observe color changes and investigate why the colors separate the way they do. Upper-elementary students can use the activity to spark a science fair investigation e. Louis educator Shannan Muskopf, this website for high school biology teachers and students is chock full of lessons, quizzes, labs, web quests, and other teacher-tested classroom resources for use in introductory life science to advanced placement biology courses.

The resources are organized by subject—e. All of the resources feature targeted grade levels, teachers dating in the same school, standards correlations, and estimated time needed to complete the learning experience. The Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry project grades 3—12 presents STEM activities that use integrated technologies, such as modeling, computational thinking, and real-time data acquisition. Available for elementary, middle level, and high school levels, the activities combine hands-on inquiry with integrated, technology-based learning and address numerous topics in engineering, life science, physical science, Earth science, environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

For example, in Wind Generator Elementary 3—4 Engineeringstudents design and build paper turbine blade models and use a voltage sensor to collect data about how much energy each design generates. In Reaction Time Middle School Life Sciencestudents use a computer interactive to record data on how quickly they move a finger in response to three different types of signals: Probability Clouds High School Chemistry explores the structure and properties of atoms through several model-building computer interactives.

Learn about the heart and how it works in this online article from Pacific Medical Training, a continuing education company that specialized in medical life support certification courses. The article features text, diagrams, and links, covering everything from heart anatomy to how the heart beats and more. The article was written for healthcare professionals; however, students and teachers in high school and college biology and anatomy courses will also find the content useful.

Acey also shares advice for students interested in engineering. Watch the video and access a transcript of it online. The transcript includes a link to Infrared: Beyond the Visible, a video that explains infrared astronomy and the sciencebehind the upcoming Webb Space Telescope in language middle level students can understand. Meet Captain Pete Benning, a U. Marine Corps pilot who flies an Osprey, a tilt rotor aircraft that can function as both a plane and a helicopter.

In this short video clip, students tour the aircraft and cockpit, learn what Benning likes most about his job and how he prepares for each mission, and get advice about what is needed to be a Marine pilot: Students take a field trip to a local farmers market to gather healthy foods from each food group, then use the foods to design an edible spring or summer scene on a paper plate. Afterward, students can enjoy their tasty, healthy snack! Measures include enforcing mandatory restrictions on water use, finding a new water supply, raising the price of water, cutting back or stopping new developments, teachers dating in the same school water conservation, or buying water from elsewhere.

The activity gives students an opportunity to discuss real-world issues and practice the art of compromise. This guide features explanatory text, illustrations, experiments, activities, and games exploring acid rain, from the science of what it is and how it occurs to the need for regulatory and citizen action steps to address it.

Nine experiments move sequentially from developing basic understandings of pH to examining the effects of acid rain in the environment. The guide includes a timeline of the History of the Acid Rain Program and a template for a certificate of achievement for participating in the Acid Rain AwarenessProgram. Students gather data as crush time dating app analyze energy-consuming appliances and systems. Next, they identify energy-related issues and brainstorm solutions, then rate the costs and benefits associated with their proposed solutions and craft an action plan.

At each step, graphic organizers and charts are provided to help students structure their plan.


Pupils as young as six were taught to treat Western women as 'white prostitutes' by a school at the centre of the 'Trojan Horse' Islamist plot. The shocking disclosure comes ahead of two bombshell reports into claims Muslim radicals conspired to infiltrate governing bodies of Birmingham schools. A leaked report speaks of alarm at language and teaching in Oldknow Junior School, Birmingham. A report by the Education Funding Agency says: Officially, Mrs Kondal is on sick leave, and she refused to discuss the matter with The Mail on Sunday.

It holds Islamic prayers every Friday, teaches Arabic and organises trips to Mecca. He said he had seen no evidence of an extremist takeover, and denied Christmas had been banned. In February, a senior Oldknow teacher is said to have posted a message on social media urging all Muslims to disown those who gave up their faith. If they can leave Allah, they will leave you. It is one of 21 schools being probed for claims extremists tried to influence teaching.

Education Secretary Michael Gove is expected to put five schools into special measures when the reports are published tomorrow. He will make a Commons statement as head teachers hold a press conference in Birmingham to speak publicly for the first time.

According to a leaked report, teachers at the school lead chants criticising Christmas. Ofsted inspectors criticise poor teaching at Golden Hillock, and in their report say: However Mohammed Shafique, chairman of governors at Golden Hillock, said he would challenge any move to put the school into special measures: They did not check the reality on the ground.

They were listening to comments Michael Gove made. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Most watched News videos Trump supporter holds a 'CNN sucks' sign behind Jim Acosta Inside bodega as gang grabs Lesandro Guzman-Feliz before stabbing Unmarked police bikes intercept pair of mopeds riding dangerously Armoured car and water cannon used in Austrian migrant exercise Moment angry woman vandalizes nail salon captured on camera Man find skid marks from postie on his lawn related Meet the year-old Japanese man living alone on a desert island Two drug dealers sentenced to death by Chinese court Passenger films as armed guards board a Jet Blue plane at JFK Police surround a Jet Blue airplane at JFK Airport in New York Prince William meets supermodel Bar Rafaeli in Israel Guilty dog slinks away after being caught in swimming pool.

Trump is sued by 17 Democratic states who demand Graphic novelist is sentenced to life in prison for The shocking moment a Peruvian man tries to One dead and 12 construction workers are injured after an Parkland monitor who 'did nothing to stop shooter Nikolas Pretty as a flower! Michelle Obama steps out in a floral Baby and four elderly people are instantly killed in White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will get Secret Lingerie firm starts selling lilos with holes for breasts Not so macho now: Six 'Dominican gang members' arrested Billionaire worth at least 15 times more Breakthrough in hunt for William Tyrrell: Chilling pictures show Chinese students bound and gagged Comments Share what you think.

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Dani is left red-faced over hilarious misspelling of her favourite sex position 'missionary' Married City worker 'raped year-old girl after dragging her down an alleyway when she was thrown out of a Tory Brexit civil war deepens as MPs slam Remainer ministers for colluding with businesses to plot 'Project Passenger dies after plane is forced to divert to Portugal due to 'horrific' smell caused by his Female Saudi TV presenter is forced to flee the kingdom after probe is launched into her 'indecent dress' Roads melt, gritters hit the streets and tap water turns white in 'extreme' Police are called to TWO more 'distressed and panting' dogs locked in separate sweltering hot cars during Earth moves in Dorking!

Homes shake as leafy Surrey commuter town is hit by 2. Firefighters call for military help as 20ft flames rage on Saddleworth Moor for a From discoloured toenails to feeling constantly cold: Heartbroken wife's tribute to bus driver, 45, who was killed along with pensioner, Horror as woman, 63, chokes to death at a Beefeater pub in front of shocked lunchtime diners Michael Jackson's father Joe has died aged 89, just days after being hospitalized with stage four pancreatic Never forget the good times!

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Quantized Academy. Added: Jun 21, Quanta Magazine has a math column aimed at high school teachers and students called Quantized Academy. The series is written by Patrick Honner, a nationally recognized high school teacher from Brooklyn, New York, who introduces basic concepts from the latest mathematical research. parenting; school life; How school shake-up would overburden already busy teachers. THE Turnbull Government has proposed a bold overhaul of our school system. Q: What does 0^0 (zero raised to the zeroth power) equal? Why do mathematicians and high school teachers disagree?

Forman Quantized Academy. Added: Jun 21, Quanta Magazine has a math column aimed at high school teachers and students called Quantized Academy. The series is written by Patrick Honner, a nationally recognized high school teacher from Brooklyn, New York, who introduces basic concepts from the latest mathematical research. To track changes in retirement costs and compare employer contributions to retirement for public school teachers with those for private-sector professionals, we draw on recent data from a major employer survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor.