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This Website was paid for by - Auer Endowment. People of French-Canadian and Acadian descent are fortunate in having ancestors who are among the best documented people in the world. French-Canadian pedigrees are primarily constructed on the basis of marriage records and can usually be extended ten to fifteen generations in every line back to the immigrant ancestor. In many cases, the parish or village of origin in Speed dating huntsville al 2017 can also easily be found.

All that is needed to begin a search are the names of a couple married in Quebec and an approximate date of marriage. The primary source is the Catholic parish register.

These records are nearly complete from to the present, and most are accessible in the publications listed here. Most researchers will begin their search in the marriage index to the Drouin Collection or in the Loiselle Marriage Indexboth described below. Locate an ancestral couple's marriage record and the names of both sets of parents will be given.

Then locate the marriage records of those two couples, and so on, until an entire genealogical tree is constructed. Please keep in mind the following tips: Many families had "dit" names or aliases reflecting geographic origins, physical appearance, etc. An ancestor's record may be filed under a variant surname. Lists appear in some of the sources given below.

As all children were given the additional name Joseph or Marie at baptism, an ancestor's record may be filed under that name, or the other half of these common combinations:. Some families in Loiselle have several A-Z sequences of first names. Names in the Drouin Collection marriage index are not always filed in strict alphabetical order.

The French priests used an "8" to indicate a sound in a native language, sometimes translated as "ou. Morts tragiques et violentes au Canada 17e et 18e siecles. Les Publications Audiovisuelles, Index for Drouin Microfilm Collection. American French 7 year dating anniversary Society, American French Genealogical Society.

The collection includes records to mid for Hull and Gatineau. Repertoire Alphabetique des Mariages des Canadiens-Francaise, Charbonneau, Hubert et Jacques Legare, ed Repertoire des actes de bapteme, mariage, sepulture et des recensements du Quebec ancien.

Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, Quebec's early nominal censuses are also included. The fish dating site uk range of records covered up to includes: All spelling variants must be checked because register entries have been transcribed exactly as recorded.

Harold Frederic Powell, ed. Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, La population des forts francais d' Amerique: Repertoire des baptemes, mariages et sepultures celebres dans les forts et les establissements francais en Amerique du Nord au XVIIIe siecle. Church and census records from 15 French outposts on the frontier. Index des baptemes, marriages, sepultures de protestants de fa region de Quebec ca Archives Nationales du Quebec, Levis, Lotbiniere and Portneuf.

Check the microtext catalog for collections of non-Catholic registers from other areas of the Quebec province. Dictionnaire national des Canadiens francais 3 vols.

Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec des origines a Compiled from Catholic registers, censuses, notarial contracts, etc. An appendix lists surnames and variants. Updates Tanguay, but still contains errors.

Jette, Rene et Micheline Lecuyer. Repertoire des noms de famille du Quebec des origines a Complement au dictionnaire genealogique Tanguay. Societe Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise, Loiselle Marriage Index and Supplement. Lists of abbreviations and parishes covered are on each reel.

Inventaire des microfilms du fonds Drouin. Dictionnaire genealogique des familles canadiennes. Genealogical Publishing Company, In addition, it provides a diocese-by-diocese inventory of the parish covered in Loisellea listing of organizations that publish parish records, finding aids, background data and other useful research aids. Marriage "repertoires" are indexed abstracts of all marriages recorded in a particular parish, county or region for a specific time period. Hundreds dating a french canadian been published and some include baptisms and burials.

Most are available in the Genealogy Department. Check the online catalog under the name of the town, parish, and county of interest. Notarial records are the second most valuable source for researchers. The notary functioned as a general local official in the French colonies, recording civil marriage contracts, inventories, wills, guardianships, land grants, sales, dating a french canadian, and other transactions.

In case of a missing parish register, the marriage contract will supply parents' names. Microfilmed notarial acts are included in the Drouin Collection cited earlier. Inventaire des contrats de mariage du regime francais conserves aux Archives judiciaires de Quebec.

Archives de la province de Quebec, Roy, Pierre-Georges, Antoine Roy, dating a french canadian, et al. Inventaire des greffes des notaires du regime francais. The Quebec censuses dating from are the third most valuable source for researchers.

For a list of published pre census returns refer to the periodical Lost in Canada? The online Canadian Census found at the FamilySearch website [www. Once a specific place of marriage has been discovered, however, it is fairly easy to search the film for that locality and find the family.

Agricultural schedules accompany some censuses, and in and wives are listed with their maiden names. The census gives exact birth dates. The territory was a perennial battleground for the French and British, and in more than Acadians were deported to the American colonies. Thousands more were exiled to France. By many had found refuge in the Spanish colony of Louisiana.

Unlike Quebec, Acadian parish registers and notarial records have suffered extensive losses. Important published sources are listed below. Histoire et genealogie des Acadiens. History of the Acadians. Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Quebec Acadian Church Records Acadian Church Records Index, with Annotations.

Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families Acadiennes: Centre d'etudes Acadiennes, Universite de Moncton, The following contain data useful in connecting the Acadian settlers of Louisiana and other colonies, with those expelled from Acadia Acadian Exiles in the colonies: Early Acadian Census Index,with Annotations. The Acadian Exiles in the American Colonies The Acadians in France. The Acadian Exiles in Nantes, The Acadian Exiles in Saint-Malo Acadian Marriages in France: Department of Ille-et-Vilaine, Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

University of Toronto Press, Elliot, Noel Montgomery, ed. The French Canadians King's Daughters and Founding Mothers: Useful appendices in each volume including:


The first documented use of the word Vermont is dated April 11, Almost all modern historians have accepted the comments of early authorities who associated the word Vermont with France's colonial presence in the Champlain Valley.

One of the earliest texts to make the association is Zadock Thompson's History of Vermont Thompson comments that the name "Verd Mont" had been applied long before the claimed christening of the state as "Verd Mont" by Reverend Hugh Peters in He was followed by numerous missionaries, traders, settlers and soldiers who identified rivers and other physical features of the Champlain watershed.

Among the many such christenings, let us mention the original European appropriation of what is now Lake George Lac Saint-Sacrement by the missionary Isaac Jogues in Pierre Lamotte de Saint-Paul was the first to erect a fort in Vermont, on the island which still bears his name.

The French left many traces of their presence in the toponymy of Vermont but Vermont is simply not one of them. The word Vermont is not in any historical way connected with the French presence in the Green Mountain State before No document map, travel journal, official correspondence from the period refers to the Green Mountains or the region as Vermont or Vertmont , Vertsmonts , les Monts Verts , Verdmont , or alternate meanings such as Versmont i.

The evidence from the days of New France or rather the lack of it suggests that Green Mountains is not a translation of Vermont but rather that it is the French word which is a translation.

Where did the original name of Green Mountains come from? The dating of the earliest mention of these words might provide some hints.

To help us in this endeavor we can summon three types of evidence: An inventory of early cartography , from the earliest map showing English settlements in what is now southern Vermont to the first map displaying the words "State of Vermont," [7] reveals that the very first map showing " Green Mountains " dates from The earliest identification of mountains in the area designates the White "Hills" of northern New Hampshire.

The available written evidence reveals that the earliest mentions of the Green Mountains are associated with the appearance of the Green Mountain Boys in the summer of Ethan and others began to act as bands of armed men.

As rumors circulated that 'Governor Tryon of New York was marching toward Bennington with troops, the committees of safety in and around Bennington began to collaborate more closely and more openly with the most aggressive agents associated with Seth Warner, Ethan, Remember Baker and others.

These elements were now calling themselves Green Mountain Boys. In June, news of the Governor arrived, not in the form of an invading army, but in the guise of a conciliatory letter. It is to that development and the rejoicing which it unleashed in Bennington that we owe the encomium an expression of enthusiastic praise published in the Hartford Courant.

But by how many years? If one remembers that in , English settlers in Vermont numbered no more than , it is unlikely that such a small, dispersed colony had already appropriated its physiography to the degree of identifying and naming the Vermont section of Appalachia or, for that matter, any mountain range.

If the designation Green Mountains originated in the s, it must have taken some time to impose itself. Therefore it is likely that the term Green Mountains became common a few years before the Green Mountain Boys began to create their mythology, that is, in the late s. Oral tradition from the earliest days of English settlement could help us in tracing the origin of Green Mountains or in refining the date of its earliest use.

That testimony would have come down to us in written form and would be subject to great caution. Such evidence is most rare. Late in we find the following startling lesson of geography from Ira: The work of Arthur Hughes lists several Green Mountain and Green Hill, most associated with landmarks in northwestern Connecticut where the Allens and many of the earliest settlers of southern Vermont grew up. No mountain range in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ever bore the name Green Mountains.

Based on a review of the available evidence we can advance with some degree of confidence that the word Vermont is indeed a translation of Green Mountains, and that most likely it comes from the fertile mind of Thomas Young, a self-made scholar who probably knew some French.

Is Vermont good French? The answer is yes. Archaic but excellent French. In the language of France as in English, two words compete to designate mountains: In French mont is much older than montagne. The word is documented as early as and figures prominently in the epic Song of Roland: However, by the s, mont had clearly lost out to montagne. This has remained true to this day. Except for writing poetry and geographic naming such as Outremont we seldom call upon mont in modem French.

Even in , mont was archaic. However, its use in place naming was well established and carried an aura of antiquity. In modem French, one would say in a normal enunciation: However the creation of Young is probably not inspired by modern French, even the modern French of Above all, grammatically speaking, it is not part of a sentence.

The word answers the special rules of geographical naming. Beaumont, Belmont or, more to the point, Rougemont. In some cases, one or more letters such as the final consonant may disappear.

The spelling ver for vert is well documented. Vermont was almost named New Connecticut. Instead, like Maine, the Green Mountain State bears a decidedly Gallic name —not to underline the French presence in those parts once claimed by Louis XIV or XV but because English minds in their appropriation of the world at least the Atlantic World sometimes resorted to historical antecedents stamped with the fleur-de-lys.

In the case of Maine, no one has been able to explain why the region bears the name of a French province. Because of the francophilia of Young or Ethan Allen? It matters little to us Franco-Vermonters.

It is enough that the quirks of history announced our coming to this state and the significant contribution which we have made to its welfare and progress. The text is reproduced, with a brief introduction from Marilyn S. Blackwell, in A More Perfect Union. Vermont Becomes a State , Michael Sherman, ed.

Montpelier Vermont Historical Society, The only extant copy of the broadside is housed in the municipal library of Providence, Rhode Island. Office of the Secretary of State, The petitioners refer to Young as a "worthy friend [ ] to whom we stand indebted for the very name of Vermont. The document is quoted on the back-cover of Vermont History , Thomas Young, of Philadelphia.

Much earlier, in , Ira Allen had observed that the state had "obtained its name from the French word Verdmont. Myers, Soon afterwards, several sources echoed the testimony of Allen. For example a London geography book dating from explains that "the people had for a long time no other name than Green Mountain Boys, which they Gallicised into Verdmont, and afterwards corrupted into the easier pronunciation of Vermont. Willard - 14, maintains that "the name Verd Mont was applied by those who early visited it.

Troy Times Art Press, Drysdale not only attributes the region's name to the French but identifies one Napoleon Grandison Pierre Radisson? Referring to his Napoleon Grandison as "Polie," Drysdale delights his audience with considerations such as these: At this startling registry in his none too active cerebellum he exclaimed as any Frenchman would upon seeing green, 'Vert.

Much later, according to Drysdale, Champlain "a debonair French noble, roue, egotist" came to Quebec and hired Grandison who led him to Lake Champlain. After naming the lake after himself, "the Marquis of Champlain became aware that there were mountains around him and mumbled to himself in French, 'monts. Nicholas Muller, "The Name of Vermont: An Afterword," Vermont History , For more details on the actors from the French Regime and their role in the exploration, naming and early settlement of Vermont see Guy Omeron Coolidge, The French Occupation of the Champlain Valley from to Montpelier: A second edition is available: Harbor Hill Books, The word Vermont or other renderings do not appear in the official correspondence between the intendant or the governor of New France and the colonial authorities in Versailles and elsewhere in France.

For a calendar of those documents see the appropriate annual Report of the Public Archives of Canada. France, Archives des colonies, Serie B: Lettres envoyees [Orders of the King and dispatches] in Supplement Correspondance generale, Canada [General Correspondence, Canada] in Other allusions to the area which is now Vermont can be found in Serie C11E: Troupes des colonies [Colonies: Civil and Military Officers] in , vol.

Consult also the Ordonnances, commissions, etc. L'Eclaireur, and Inventaire des ordonnances des intendants de la Nouvelie-France conservees aux Archives provinciales de Quebec Beauceville: L'Eclaireur, ; the Inventaire des proces-verbaux des grands voyers conserves aux Archives de la Province de Quebec Beauceville: L'Eclaireur, ; the Inventaire des concessions en fief et seignenries, fois et hommages el aveux ef denombrements conserves aux Archives de la Province de Quebec Beauceville: The word is not to be found in the Voyages of Champlain, the documentation of the presence of the Carignan-Sallieres Regiment in the Richelieu-Champlain area notably the Livre de raison de Francois de Tapie de Monteil, capitaine au regiment de Poitou, the Vers burlesques sur Ie voyage de Monsieur de Courcelles [ De Salieres des choses qui se sont passees en Canada, les plus considerables depuis qu'il est arrive, , and Dollier de Casson's Histoire de Montreal , and various journals and reports of military officers from the Seven Years War such as the journal of Louis Antoine de Bougainville published in translation as Adventure in the Wilderness.

The word is also absent from the J esuits' Relations , their journals, and other documents which mention the Champlain Valley or the rest of the state, notably the Voyages of Louis Franquet and the various papers of de Lery, the King's Engineer in New France.

However historians note no significant occupation until when Governor Wenworth made his first grant Bennington. The first map to show English settlements in present-day Vermont is a plan of Williamstown and Adams. The plan was drawn by Nathaniel Dwight in November


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