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September 24, ; dissolved by his death June 1, Along with Vincent Moroni, hired hit men to kill Victor, which resulted in the death of Brandon Walker's wife Angela, Moroni's daughter and led to Moroni's suicide.

Bribed Nick into changing the paternity tests to make it look like E. Destroyed tape recording evidence that incriminated Philip in Paul Hollingsworth's disappearance July Corporate Espionage- hired Brandon beemer dating from Mad World and ordered her to share secrets from brandon beemer dating old job January Kate was introduced with her son Lucas.

She was the whiz kid brought into to head Titan Publishing. A relationship with Victor soon came to be. He asked her to marry him. Lucas pursued the identity of his father, much to her dismay. Laura constantly confronted Kate about her affair with her then husband, and even threatened to tell. Billie was put on trial for Curtis Reed's murder. It was revealed that both Billie and Austin were Kate's long lost children. Austin wasn't so hard on his mother. Kate, to ensure her place in the Kiriakis legacy, wanted to give Victor another son.

He was estranged from Bo at the time. Some embryos were formed, and through some shrewd trickery, Vivian had them implanted in her. She gave birth to Philip, and while pregnant, drove quite the wedge between Kate and Victor, who was supposedly married to Kate.

Not to be, because Victor was married to Vivian, who had tricked him. Vivian then sent Kate on a plane and sabotaged it, causing it to crash somewhere over the ocean. Kate was assumed dead, leaving Victor with a new son and no wife, brandon beemer dating. Kate arrived back about a year later, and Vivian wasn't very happy. She was finally breaking into Victor's heart. Vivian was kicked out of the Kiriakis mansion after her machinations came to light.

Kate got involved with Titan again. Soon after, Billie returned from Paris. Franco Kelly came to town also. Victor had a heart attack and was placed in a nursing home. Sami started blackmailing Kate with her past as a prostitute. Franco was murdered by Lucas and Kate framed Sami. Kate also knew Franco was involved with the mob, and held it over his head. He courted Sami to get a green card, and Kate knew it, but didn't let Franco marry Sami. So right now, Kate is trying to keep her family together without going to jail for conspiracy to murder.

Sami was convicted and sentenced to death, Kate said that Roberto confessed to Franco's murder and Sami was freed at the last minute. Kate is now still trying to keep the secret of Franco's murder and battle with Vivian over control of Titan. Kate is also on the brink of an affair with the much younger Nicholas Alamain. Kate and Nicholas had a torrid affair, but he left town, and she attempted to get Victor brandon beemer dating marry her once again.

She blew her chances, though, when she was caught in flagrante delicto with mob boss Vincent Moroni. She conspired with him to kill Victor at the coronation, and her plan set a horrible gun play in motion that killed Vincent's only child, Angela, and prompted Vincent's suicide. Victor realized her plan, and escaped with his life after faking his death. He revealed himself to her the night she set the house on fire and attempted to murder him with a poker.

Luckily, Victor got out, but Lucas wasn't so lucky Victor exposed Kate and kicked her out on her ear, forcing her to find work at a diner. Out of respect for their son, Victor didn't tell Philip that Kate had attempted numerous murders and was the reason that Lucas nearly died. Thanks to Philip's pleas, Victor finally agreed to provide Kate with a small allowance.

She got a job at Brighton dating Black, and began dating Roman Brady, terrified that at any moment, her secret could come out and destroy their relationship.

Kate became one of the top suspects in Abe's murder because he knew her secret, but Kate finally broke down and confessed to Roman, which ended their relationship. When Lucas overheard Sami and Kate talking about Kate's past and the fact that Lucas's father's identity was unknown, he turned his back on her. Kate and Roman were able to work their way back to each other because their love was just too strong to deny. Roman asked Kate to marry him, and she happily accepted.

They had a beautiful wedding, with all of their friends and family in attendance, but Kate was shattered when, at the wedding reception, she found Roman's dead body. She mourned him deeply, but that didn't stop her from doing her best to destroy her son Lucas' newfound relationship with Roman's daughter Sami, who she swore she would try to get along with.

She threw herself into her work and destroying Samiand the closer Sami and Lucas got, the more convinced Kate was that her only hope for happiness lay with Philip, and she began 'encouraging' him to spend more time with Belle.

When Lucas and Sami got engaged, it took everything Kate had not to lose it. Kate also moved on in her personal life, becoming engaged to John Black after months of helping him deal with a drug addiction. But just as the two were planning their lives together, their presumed dead spouses returned to Salem.

Roman soon washed his hands of her, and she didn't help her situation by exposing Sami as Stan on her wedding day -- even Lucas turned his back on her. Alone again, Kate invited John Black to move in with her after Marlena kicked him out of the penthouse in favor of her returned-from-the-dead husband Alex North, but her attention was soon snapped up by a different matter -- Kate realized that there was no way Philip could by baby Claire's father and that the father had to be Shawn, and was determined to keep everyone from finding that out.

Kate tried to comfort Philip when the truth came out, but he left town. She was terrified when he went missing, but relieved when, despite needing extensive surgery, he came back determined to get his daughter and his wife back. His overtures to Belle were unsuccessful, but the courts granted him temporary custody of Claire while ordering Belle and Shawn to get their lives together.

Kate was devastated for Philip when Shawn and Belle grabbed Claire and fled, and was determined to help him get her back, although uncomfortable with the growing level of violence Philip became exhibiting. First, she enlisted the help of her current boardroom and bedroom partner, E. Wells, to seduce Sami away from Lucas.

But, his efforts failed when E. Wells was revealed to be E. Desperate to break them up, Kate slipped a photograph in the slide show that was shown at the reception. The photo showed E. But, brandon beemer dating, that didn't stop Lucas either. He and Sami started their life together, despite Kate's interference. In retaliation, Lucas turned Kate and E.

Kate turned to Stefano for money. In exchange for sleeping with him, Stefano gave Kate enough money to start her own business. She hired Tony DiMera to do her advertising and her business became very successful.

Kate didn't have to worry about Lucas and Sami much longer because Sami soon divorced Lucas to marry E. That meant that Kate could turn her attention back to Phillip, who was involved in a bitter turf war with John Black DiMera, and Chelsea, who was recovering from major surgery.

Chelsea's recovery went well and she soon started dating her surgeon, Daniel Jonas. However, after they started dating, viewers learned that Kate had a brief and passionate affair with Daniel.

Kate begged Daniel not to ever let Chelsea find out. When Victor told Kate that a tape recording had surfaced that could incriminate Philip, Kate took the tape from Victor and burned it. Philip was subsequently cleared of all charges. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Daniel continued their relationship. But, Chelsea found a text message from Kate to Daniel. Kate's secret was out. Chelsea broke up with Daniel and was furious with Kate. Kate tried to apologize, but Chelsea could not forgive her and left town in distress.

While Chelsea was gone, Kate resumed a relationship with Daniel. In NovemberDaniel diagnosed Kate with stage 4 lung cancer and recommended an immediate and aggressive treatment plan- a bone marrow transplant. A hospital-wide search came up with Chloe Lane as a match, brandon beemer dating. Chloe donated her bone marrow to Kate. As Kate began her recovery, she couldn't help but notice tension between Chloe and Daniel.

A few weeks later, she saw Kate and Daniel kissing in the park. Furious with Chloe for cheating on Lucas, Kate set a plan into motion to get revenge on Chloe. Kate poisoned brownies that Chloe ate and Chloe fell into a coma. Kate planted the bottle of poison in Daniel's apartment. She also doctored a recording of Daniel and Chloe's voices to make it sound as though they were having an argument and played the recording over the phone to Maggie so Maggie would testify that Daniel was threatening Chloe.

Despite his adamant testimony that he loved Chloe and would never hurt her, the police arrested Daniel. But Daniel did not give up on Chloe or a confession from Kate. He goaded Kate into confession to the crime by promising to start up their relationship again.


Trish came to Salem with her mother Jeri and stepfather Jack. Upon arriving Trish and her mother Jeri became an overnight singing sensation at Doug's Place. In Trish wanted to get away from her family, so she took an apartment with a now adult Mike Horton. In Trish would learn the startling truth from her stepfather Jack Clayton that her mother had been a prostitute, and that her father was a man named Jim Stanhope.

Trish attempted to find Jim Stanhope, and when he came to Salem she was hurt that he rejected her as his daughter. Later that year Trish had a one-night stand with David Banning. In Trish's stepfather Jack Clayton began obsessing about her.

One night he came to her apartment while she was alone and began attacking her. Luckily Mike Horton returned in time and began fighting with Jack Clayton. Eventually Trish hit her stepfather over the head with an iron, killing him. This incident cause Trish to breakdown, and as a result she slipped into two personalities, Cynthia and baby Lisa. Mike Horton admitted to the murder of Jack, but through counseling and therapy it was revealed that Trish killed him.

Trish was cleared of the charges when it was proven she had suffered from years of abuse. Trish moved out of her apartment with Mike and in with Brooke Hamilton. Later in Trish discovered she was pregnant with David Banning's child. In Trish took Scotty Banning and left David. David hired a private investigator and eventually found Scotty living with Jeri Clayton in L.

David took Scotty and returned to Salem. Trish and David eventually reconciled and moved back in together. Later that year Trish stole a fortune in gems from a singer named Durand.

She asked Margo Horton to hide the gems for her, which she did. Later Durand came looking for his diamonds, which Trish returned but he was upset when one of them was a fake. Trish realized that Earl Roscoe had scammed Margo out of a diamond, so she confronted him and eventually got the diamond back.

In , after David had fled town with Scotty, Trish found him in California. She took Scotty and returned to Salem, and David soon followed. David and Trish eventually divorced one another.

Later that year Tony made Trish the manager of the Twilight Bar. Trish soon became involved with a singer named Woody King. Eventually, Trish left Salem to pursue singing options elsewhere. Jack Clayton Jack Deveraux Jr.

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