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Bjergsen on his relationship with Jensen self. More specially, why I didnt ult and zhonya. If you're listening to this tape, you're one of the reason why. There is a new show called "13 Reasons Why". A girl commits suicide and records 13 tapes and each tape is focused on a single person. She explains why that person is a reason she committed suicide. It's actually not bad. I agree, the premise sounds like cheap shock drama, but it's actually handled with some care not to pander to sensationalism.

There's tinder dating indianapolis bit of intrigue because there's one set of tapes that makes its way through all the subjects one at a time, so some subjects know what all the others did.

It's not going to change the face of television, and there's a little bit of "teenage drama", but not as preachy as you might expect from the premise and there's some solid material there. The whole show is sensationalism online dating advice chat teenage drama. Would be a good series if chapters were 20min instead of 50 of not happening nothing at all tho. I'm sorry, but you're actually wrong about them taking care to avoid sensationalism.

They sought out advice on how best to treat the show without accidentally promoting suicide, then did the opposite of the advice. Accurately showing people how to kill themselves is not okay. Providing literally no resources not even ONE number or website? It was an interesting concept, stayed pretty true to the novels, but was pretty insensitive and made some dangerous implications without addressing them.

Fairly certain this wasn't enlightening for anyone. She cut her wrists. Picturing suicide often has a pretty significant negative effect on those who are thinking about it or who have attempted it.

It's more than fair to cite such portrayals as graphic. I actually disagree, at least in this case. If the suicide happened off-screen, it would be sidestepping and downplaying the suicide, which is counter to the story the show is trying to tell. As it was, on screen, it was a gut-wrenching and unglorifyingly horrific scene. Perhaps bjergsen and pokimane dating found this scene crossed a personal line, but to say it glorified Hannah's death is completely inaccurate. If you're speaking within the narrative of the show, part of the point of the show is to highlight how easy it is for children and teens in these positions to go by unnoticed and fall through the cracks, and it happened in a reasonably realistic way-- the subjects in many cases didn't realize that they were even causing pain or harm.

If you're talking about the show outside of the plot, you're factually incorrect. The final episode of the series is titled "13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons"which takes place outside of the show's universe, and has interviews with, among others, mental health professionals who discuss resources for those considering suicide, as well as for victims of bullying and sexual assault. It explores some interesting aspects of social interactions and perspectives, but it can be somewhat campy at times.

Most shows don't sound great when you only explain it in one sentence. This is why we watch things before we judge. A sitcom star struggles with his identity as a washed up actor as he's coerced into writing an autobiography with a ghost writer. Actually the first time I heard about Breaking Bad they told me the same as the comment above, and my first reaction was "What a shit show" but after watching it it became my favourite show ever.

Is that last one Bojack Horseman? If so holy shit I started watching that and it's so fantastic. As someone who can actually relate to things like this and as someone who is really picky when it comes to shows I actually liked it and the cringe came mostly from usual teen-things.

It's fairly fucking cringeworthy tbh, but it's worth a watch if you're bored one weekend. The undertones with regards to bullying and how it affects the character's lives is very well done. At the end of the show you don't know whether to hate or feel sorry not only for the suicide victim, but the people who bullied her as well. The acting is pretty good as well. My only real gripe is the instagram filter they apply when it switches from past to present tense.

I was actually impressed with those young peoples acting. Didnt expect it at all and it was one of the things that kept me watching. Bjergsen and pokimane dating actually one of the subtle cinematography elements I thought was clever in this show lol, bjergsen and pokimane dating.

It's so over used. It really has no place considering they use Clay's head wound to differentiate between past and present tense. Yes, and the book isn't reallly new, either. Because Germans like to translate things completely differenty. Thats why I try to avoid things in German while being German myself if its possible. German subs of foreign movies are quite well made, still, so much gets lost inherently, it's just painful to watch if you understand English.

It's translated "dead girls don't lie" because in the book or tv series, people who are the tapes are accusing the girl who suicided for lying about what happened. I mean, if all they did was talk about matchups, that's like me talking to my classmates about class and then going awol on them after semester is over.

There are coaches and analysts for stuff like that now if you insist matchup discussion is something only friends do. It could be that they are just rivals and Jensen feels he speed dating beckenham to distance himself, it could be that Jensen is upset that he's always in Bjerg's shadow, always second place. Lets not jump to conclusions.

If his comment is accurate, then it happened basically towards the end of the break between the splits. This is right when Meteos randomly unfollowed Bjergsen on twitter, and acted weirdly on stream. Then shortly thereafter it was announced he would take a break for the split. The same exact time Meteos's teammate Jensen complete stops talking with one of his really good friends?

Bjerg is dating Meteos's ex. Considering they were pretty good friends before that, I'd be a little salty too. Is there only like a small pool of e-girls they're allowed to date?

Like how does that even happen outside of a school. We go to the same parties and galleries, we share similar interests, and we are young people dating around and figuring ourselves out.

Probably not much different in the progaming scene. She is yeah although they keep it pretty quiet. You can see her in the latest TSM: Check comments section if you wanna skip to it.

Shrug, it's a job so I can understand why but yeah she does look a little "too perfect" with the makeup on stream. Oh you have no idea my friend. Not just in league, there are a number of girls jumping around on dat streamer D all the time.

Streamers and e-athletes became celebrities and many girls only go for them now. FranPlaysHalo has dated pro-players of several games for years, Sovitia likes to jump from streamer to streamer every 2 years or so, Becca has dated at least one popular streamer So much drama with Reckful, Mira, etc I'm not hating at all, they all go to when to start dating after divorce same parties, same places, share the same problems They mostly only date other fellow profissionals or at least someone in show business.

Wait poki is dating bjerg? I didn't know that. I thought all the Bjerg references were just her memeing. There was rumors when bjerg went to toronto with WT jesse from pitch perfect dating visit poki in the off seasons. That was just speculation at best. Althought in one the TSM legends videos you can kinda see poki in it like 1 2 seconds next to bjerg while they are out. So everyone is now assuming the rumors are true.

If I were to jump to a conclusion, this would be it. If I were on a professional team not just league but anything I would probably hate all the best players just out of competitive spirit. If I were Jensen, I wouldn't want to be friends with Bjerg, I'd probably hate his guts until I could finally smash him on stage. Before people start thinking badly of Orlando bloom is dating, consider the perspective that maybe he and Jensen weren't as close as he thought.

If talking about mid matchups was the main thing they did a lot of, it can come to be no surprise that they suddenly stop talking. Think of college, you can talk to your classmates everyday about class stuff and have a good atmostphere, but once semester is over, and that's all you guys ever explored together, then it is somewhat weird to want to "reconnect" when there really wasn't much that you connected with. I don't understand why people only talk about Jensen, bjergsen and pokimane dating.

Well it could be something like Bjerg shooting him a message and Jensen not responding, and Bjerg either taking it the wrong way or assuming that means he doesn't want to talk. Maybe this happened a few times until Jensen gave Bjerg the hint. There's a lot more coaches, analysts, etc.

SKT is predicted to completely dominate MSI so I'm guessing people need to have shit ready to talk about for when everyone goes on break before the Summer Split. It's because they used to be quite close, at least according to Bjergsen. He said it before in an interview that they used to talk a lot about mid matchups all the time.

That's why Bjergsen said "I don't think he likes me at all anymore ". Bjergsen and pokimane dating think pros a while ago used to talk more about match ups but now since there are more analysts and coaches and stuff you don't really need to do that.


They implied that it was Bjergsen and confirmed that the player would be moving to a LA based team. Also, some have been saying that Bjergsen have said he will be staying in NiP and that he will be moving into their gaming house next week, can anyone confirm with a scource? Deficio just confirmed that it is not Deficio that is leaving: Freeze goes to Superteam with Edward. I don't know about kev1n, but Hyrqbot said on his stream that the person he didn't get along with in SK was candypanda, but he was fine playing with ocelote.

This video also shows him hanging with TSM 2 weeks ago. I dont even know why is she around them at the first place, feels to me like she just wants attention. I think she's engaged with Bjerg, they always talk to each other on client and play together on NA.

I think with Xpecial first, then everyone else. She makes videos in the League community and is usually hanging out with pros. Dunno if she's been with anyone relationship wise.

Wait, it was photographed today, dayum, i start to think, that the rumor is true. If it is actually, then i will have 1 more reason to stick with TSM besides dyrone. Panky said that NiP has some very big news to announce - he later asked if this is the first EU to NA player transfer that was announced. Panky added that he has no clue what team the NiP player is going to, but he is indeed going to an LA based team. It was the first time I saw Bjergsen play in a tournament. Yeah I figured from the online tournaments part, I just thought it made this a bit more plausible because there's a history there.

He said C9 told him 2 weeks ago they didnt have room in the budget for him as the analyst for the coming season. Also that he didn't find out about Dan Dinh being manager until he was asked to comment on the Dan Dinh article. No room in the budget? I didn't know winning regionals, and placing top eight at worlds made you lose money, to the point where they can't afford what they had when they were basically an amateur team.

I suspect they shifted in terms of what the budget is going towards. Instead of analyst it goes to coach and then they get volunteers to analyze for them maybe? Edward left Gambit and then chose to move. This is a player being sold directly to an org.

I believe the first of its kind across regions. I was under the impression it was more an EU thing than a Russian thing. I think EU is strict about letting non-EU citizens live there? I think it's the fact that Russia is not a part of EU, therefore has no agreement with whoever when it comes to free flow of work force.

But I could be completely off here. You should check out TSM streams since worlds, all I have seen regi do is cater to his players, bringing them food, asking what he can do for them etc. I think he would do pretty well as a coach actually. Most of his rage issues came from Him actually playing and not making a mistake or the team "not listening to him" or him going on tilt.

Plus he's been a pro for years and while he may not be the greatest player, he's very knowledgable. He gets TSM food all the time. Don't forget Leena exists too. OddOne was trying to figure out what size pants to buy so she could get them on stream. Bjergsen not denying on stream! Thought you were gonna say you would love for him to join CLG so he could play for curse eventually. No, you guys are just typing really small text that regular people can't see so that I can reply to it to make it seem like I'm doing it of my own accord.

But I do like raisins. Clearly, it must be happening then. I feel that Travis would be like: Why are you talking about it? Travis wanted to announce the announcement, but Panky already announced the announcement before he had the chance.

Basically stole Travis' scoop on Travis' stream. On his Leaguepedia page it says he subbed for a TSM in a few online tournaments while Reginald had some surgery? The TSM Bjergsen stuff started out as a joke. I can't believe it might actually turn into something real. What do you mean it started as a joke? I believe when the rumors first started they were pretty legitimate.

Then it just died down a bit and people just joked about it every now and then, but I don't think it started as a joke.

Bjergsens has a chance to qualify no matter if he moves or not, NiP was strong last season and the gap to the higher placed teams was small. With the recent roster changes they could be even stronger, I'd actually rate them stronger than TSM atm but Eu competition is stronger which also makes qualifying harder.

Yeah, but chances to qualify from NA if teams remain similar would be much easier. Regi's not terrible, but Bjergson is just on a whole other level. The bot lane is great, but Dyrus and Oddone i feel haven't really played to their potential in recent months.

Looking forward to this if it actually happens. I'd more credit it to the accessibility to the players. Other than some of the EG members most EU players really aren't as This of course has a lot to do with the NA scene being more developed fan-base wise way before Eu reached this and we've all seen how hard it is even for top scoring teams in LCS to build a new fanbase.

Getting so excited about NiPs new roster, will be devastated if it changes. On the upside, maybe bjergsen would stream more which I would enjoy a lot. Imagine how strong tsm would be but from what I hear I think oddone will struggle with a different midlaner. But I'm unsure if it's berg. Odd one is fine he just needs teammates be more vocal,he's top 3 jungle na and always adapt his pool for team Ninja plays three champs.

There will probably be less pressure for him to visit the mid lane which can allow him to better counter the ganks on Dyrus. Plus Link has supposedly been playing jungle when TrickZ isn't available Hotshot was filling in mid in scrims earlier this week, link was jungle: This rumor is so strange.

There was a comment that said "I see Nien saved his job" in the thread about Maknoon signing with Frost, and Dyrus responded "How do you people find our about this stuff" or something similar. The big thing as well is how HSGG mentioned something about "returning", or "has returned". I fail to see how Bjergsen going to CLG would be him "returning" in anyway. I don't even care how they perform, "Bjergsen" is just so much fun to say. Rather, it's probably a little banter; "The King returning to mid" is most likely referring to himself, since he'd just played mid in a few scrims apparently.

Don't worry, I wasn't trying to insult Bjergsen or say Regi is better than him mechanically. You can all stop messaging me telling me how great Bjergsen is, I'm not disputing it. TSM isn't "in need" of a mid laner. Regi is still able to play to a top level balancing playing and managing. This would be pretty cool if it happened though. It's a complicated situation. Replacing Regi would mean a huge change in the in-game team dynamic. Wouldn't be as cut and dry as you say, but it would be pretty awesome.

Yeah there'll be the huge issue of a new shotcaller at least for several months if TSM Bjergsen is true. Bjergsen is shot caller for NiP. That's why when they were the Wolves in spring split they did so awful without him It's not just that they were missing their star player, but their shot caller.

Playing on and owning a team is just stressful for everyone, especially Regi. He was going to retire last year if he found a suitable replacement. Bjergsen fits those shoes perfectly, as he is not only a superb mid laner, but also the shot caller for his team, like Regi is for TSM. I wasn't even trying to comment on Regi vs Bjergsen. The point of my comment was to disagree with the OP implying Regi is dead weight. Somehow people take this as insulting Bjergsen and are all getting all uppity.

Pretty sure Wildturtle read this on stream, laughed and said to Xpecial "They think Bjergson is joining TSM" or something along those lines. This would be absolutely amazing. With Reginald moving towards a business stand point it could be beneficial to the team if this new change does occur. Although Reginald is the call shot and can pose as a detriment to Solomid also. I'm looking forward to see what happens down the road.

Mancloud said on his stream a minute ago that bjergsen wont be coming in na he said he read it somewhere.


Pokimane. , likes · 12, talking about this. Hi! My name's Imane, and my IGN is Pokimane! You can find me joking around and streaming League of. Bjergsen on his relationship with Jensen This is right when Meteos randomly unfollowed Bjergsen on twitter, Pokimane. wait is Pokimane dating bjerg? SEE ALSO: Who is Bjergsen? Who is Bjergsen Dating? Net Worth? Who is Pokimane Dating? Pokimane is currently living a single life.

Baldwin SEE ALSO: Who is Bjergsen? Who is Bjergsen Dating? Net Worth? Who is Pokimane Dating? Pokimane is currently living a single life. Who is Pokimane Dating? Net Worth? Who is Bjergsen Dating? Bjergsen is currently a single. We don’t have any information about Bjergsen past affairs & dating.