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Most games have an official forum where fans can gather to discuss the game. Oh, by the way! But, making these videos can take time away from development, and the costs may outweigh the benefits.

When I was younger — in my late teens and early twenties — I did a lot of stupid and embarrassing things. When I streamed video games, I would often yell at my viewers and throw temper tantrums at games.

I was immature, cringey, and embarrassing in just about every way imaginable. I got a job at a video game company, I made friends, I stopped basing my self-worth on my relationship status, and I did my best to drop all of the habits that I was ashamed of. I became a much happier person. InI realized that I had acquired the skills necessary to independently develop video games, so I left my job to become an indie dev.

Everyone who posted in the thread loved the idea of the game, so I began working on it. For a few months, everything was wonderful — we were having fantastic threads and having a great time planning out every aspect of the game. Slowly, the focus of the threads stopped being about my current project, and started being about my former self. Instead of discussing game design, game mechanics, and gameplay, the threads became exclusively about ridiculing me for who I was in the past, tsundere dating sim.

It was incredibly disheartening, especially when I had put so much effort into improving and rebuilding myself. The game got a new audience, and I got a fresh start. I continued developing Yandere Simulator, but the entire time, I was fearful that the past would repeat itself. I was worried that one day, my new audience would learn about all the stupid cringey things I did in my youth, and turn on me just as the 4chan audience had.

There are people in this world whose hobby is shaming and ridiculing other people. Humiliating their victims is like a recreational activity for them. These people heard about me, and decided that I seemed like the type of person who would provide them with lots of entertainment. They get amusement from shaming and ridiculing people, so they choose to perceive me as a shameful, ridiculous person. They want to maintain a mental image of me as a pathetic, whiny, cringey loser, because it facilitates their hobby of mocking and humiliating other people.

They want to cling to a warped and twisted perception of me, because an exaggerated caricature is much more fun than a boring person with normal flaws. They grasp at straws, make mountains out of molehills, jump to conclusions, believe people without evidence, and convince themselves of things that never happened.

Imagine that there was a time in your life when you weighed pounds, but then you went on a diet and achieved a reasonable weight. Now, you only eat a candy bar once a month. They created blogs about me on Tumblr, threads about me on Reddit, videos about me on YouTube, etc.

On June 1st, I uploaded a video about the Photography Club. I saw the usual comments — jokes, memes, constructive criticism, tsundere dating sim, etc — but I also observed that a significant number of the comments were insults coming from people who had been brainwashed by Anti-YandereDev propaganda.

I decided that my next video would be about Osana. When I uploaded the Osana video, the comment tsundere dating sim was invaded by the Anti-YandereDev crowd, determined to turn fans into haters by bashing me and describing me as a twisted caricature of who I actually am.

There were also lots of people asking about tinyBuild and spreading ridiculous theories about why the partnership had ended. Every other comment was either an insult, ludicrous misinformation, or questions about tinyBuild that I was afraid to answer for legal reasons.

Rather than protecting my audience from propaganda designed to make them doubt me, I unintentionally gave my audience a mtv dating shows 2017 reason to doubt me. When YouTube comments were no longer available, the conversation continued on my blog, now with more accusations of censorship. I panicked and closed comments on my blog.

This left the fanbase with two choices for where to discuss Yandere Simulator: My most recent video has 68k likes and 8. If we attempt to use these numbers to determine how the Yandere Simulator fanbase feels right now, then approximately We also have to consider the fact that many of the people leaving dislikes on the video were never fans to begin with; those dislikes are just coming from the crowd of people that ridicule others for fun.

Some people are immune to drama, gossip, tsundere dating sim, and rumors; it bounces off of them like bullets bounce tsundere dating sim Superman. There are fans who would never judge me based on an out-of-context screenshot from a previous phase of my life. There are fans who can be understanding and forgiving with me for losing my temper during times of intense stress.

Type B would be…the opposite. There are 24 hours in the day. Even if you play video games for 3 hours, there is still plenty of time to be productive and get lots of work done.

Most ambitious indie games made by small teams take around 5 years to be completed. Are they dating quiz the people who care about stupid rumors are the majority, tsundere dating sim, then I may actually have to go through the trouble of publicly debunking every stupid accusation that has been leveled at me. But if they are actually just a very tiny minority, then I can simply ignore it all and get back to work on the game.

First, I know that this entire situation could have been avoided if I had simply been more transparent about tinyBuild much sooner.

So, the first lesson to be learned here is that I should do a better job of communicating important facts like this to the fanbase, to avoid situations where rumors and misinformation are flying around. Second, it has become apparent that if there is not an official place to discuss the game, then people will go to unofficial subreddits and unofficial Discords that might be operated by spiteful people who hate me, where they will be unable to have meaningful or productive discussions.

I need to create an official place to discuss the game; an environment where people can talk to one another with civility, respect, and dignity, instead of having drama and trash-talk dominate every thread. My next course of action will probably be to set up an official subreddit for the game, followed by getting back to work on Yandere Simulator.

I acknowledge that there is an entire spectrum between the two opposite extremes. Another mistake made, another lesson learned. So, to stay on the safe side, I decided to simply not acknowledge it at all. The plan was for the programmer to refactor certain aspects of the code, but it proved to be impossible to refactor that code while I was still making changes and additions to the game.

This led to a lot of arbitrary code changes, which caused us to have disagreements, which led to me making vague remarks about having difficulty working with a programmer. Having an expensive programmer sitting around with his hands tied is bad for every party involved, so the programmer returned to working on other projects for tinyBuild instead.

Days afterward, when discussing completely different subjects, tinyBuild and I realized we should go separate ways. I was also afraid of letting the questions remain there in the comment section, since it would cause people to doubt the game. My brilliant solution…was to start deleting any comments mentioning tinyBuild. What the hell was I thinking?! Boy, was that stupid!!! It looked really suspicious and sketchy, and it seemed like I was trying to cover up something dirty, so people started calling me out.

It was snowballing into a worse and worse situation with each passing second. I had no clue how to handle all of this happening at once, so I panicked, and just disabled comments everywhere. After typing it all out, I realize that explaining the tinyBuild situation was way easier than I thought. Now I feel horrible for putting it off for so long. It just dating games for kids confusion, and allowed rumors to grow.

The age of the Internet has made self-publishing much easier; a publisher can be a nice bonus for a few reasons, but it was never necessary for the project to succeed. I definitely should have explained the tinyBuild situation months ago. I hope you can forgive me.

There was one critical bug in the previous build, so I wanted to roll out a new build as soon as possible. To justify a new build, I updated a few cosmetic things and fixed a few other bugs. I checked the comment section of my last video, and realized that a lot of people want to hear me address a certain topic. Wow, what a lazy piece of shit!

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Kuudere Simulator is a simple short game by YandereDev where the protagonist can switch between being a kuudere and a tsundere. It is the predecessor to Kuudere Simulator 2. This game is the exact opposite of Yandere Simulator. She doesn't want a senpai at all and sits on a chair inside of a dark, grey room. Tsundere-chan shows emotion through dialogue, doesn't want a senpai and stands in front of the chair with hands on her hips and head facing left. The game can be downloaded here.

Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central. Sign In Don't have an account? Kuudere Simulator' s logo. Contents [ show ]. Add an image Kuudere Simulator. Retrieved from " http: Hey there boys and girls! Are you excited for Yandere Simulator? Well forget about it! Get ready for something even bigger and better This action packed title full of light knuckle edge of your seat thrills and chills!

Sit in a chair! Stare at a wall! Experience apathy towards the concept of a Senpai! Are you a skilled enough gamer to discover the hidden Tsundere Mode? Will you be able to locate the button dedicated to saying the word baka? Forget all about Yandere Simulator , and get your hands on Kuudere Simulator! Available now for free!


Welcome to the sequel of Dating Sim! (Tsundere Girl). This time, go on a date with a Yandere. See if she loves you, if she goes a lil' psycho or if she. I present you guys with my third quiz for this series! In this quiz you will find out what sort of yandere boyfriend you’re dating. Also this quiz is collaboration with Bloody Pastel. Love & Friendship Anime & Manga Osana Najimi Yandere Sim Yandere » Share quiz. Osana Dating Simulator! (Yandere Sim that she was a tsundere.

Jenkin Gorshatastic! is raising funds for But I love you. [A horrific take on dating sims] on Kickstarter! "But I love you." is a visual novel/dating sim for PC. Love & Friendship Anime & Manga Osana Najimi Yandere Sim Yandere » Share quiz. Osana Dating Simulator! (Yandere Sim that she was a tsundere.