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How To Manage Your Bitches. Unless you are a free spirit yourself, a woman who describes herself as a free spirit is guaranteed to leave you heartbroken. Allow me to explain my situation. I was recently involved with someone who called themselves a "free spirit," I met her through a mutual friend and we hit it off. She was bisexual so we had an agreement that she could see other women only if she gave me threesomes now and then, but no dicks allowed.

Essentially, she was constantly "going with the flow" and just doing whatever she felt like--up to the point where she dumped one girl only to jump into bed figuratively and literally with another the very next day. Within two weeks, I was hearing about how awesome this new girl was, and how she was different, and how my "bae" was head over heels for her.

Meanwhile, her relationship with me was being sorely neglected. When I called her on it, she promised she'd do better, twice--only to admit to me later that that promise was hollow because she had someone new in her life. Then, after I had held her hand through three breakups and was basically a true and adult boyfriend I'm 26, she's 21when I was in need, she simply left me hanging.

What's more galling to me is this: That was a Monday. Then, Wednesday night, I asked to see her the next day because there was something important I needed to talk to her about, she excused herself from what I wanted because "I hung out with her twice on Monday. Then, she decided she didn't want to be in a relationship with me anymore, because she said she didn't think she could meet my standards "not even close"and that thinking about it stressed her out.

She also said she knew I would never support her latest relationship, nor would I support her lifestyle. In short, she's very outgoing and easy to get along with, but when it came right down to it, she was better at accepting the help and goodwill of others than she was at reciprocating.

A free spirit will tell you what you want to hear, they'll make promises, but in the end their word is worth nothing--they'll do whatever they darn well please, regardless of the impact their actions have on others.

She promised me I could count on her and that when I needed her she'd be there, but when the time came that promise was worthless.

The point is, dear red pillers, if you sense that someone's a free spirit, don't trust them, don't depend on them, don't even become involved with them, dating free spirited woman. Ultimately, they'll let you down and won't be worth the effort. The "free spirited" girl is typically in her early 20s; a blonde with a good body.

She dyes her hair with unnatural colors and has tattoos on her forearms and other random spots. She's bi-sexual and almost always vegan. She's some how well travelled, drinks only wine, smokes cigarettes, and reads and talks about the most esoteric shit like 14th century Russian literature. She hangs out with the artys crowd, usually hipsters that are DJs if you don't play an instrument, then fuck you.

She knows more than you, it doesn't matter what topic or story, she will always try to one up everyone. Although her Clarks shoes wearing boyfriend is around, his view of her macking on every other tattooed up DJ D-bag in the bar is covered by the hood of his Pendleton jacket.

Suddenly she has no interest in women, she dyes her hair with natural colors, and at minimum becomes a vegetarian if not outright going back to eating meat all together double entendre. You described a good chunk of girls i knew in high school. A lot of the hotter ones who didn't care at all about education, just assumed they would coast through life without effort. They try to over compensate for being a deadbeat skank by romanticizing their shit lifestyle with new age bullshit.

Plus a lot of high SMV white guys won't go for them anyways, cuz its declasse. Okinawans and Seventh Day Adventists for example live quite a long time. Predominant culture is designed to brainwash men into being beta bux.

It is also designed to make people sick in order to support the largest component of GDP, the healthcare industry. Perhaps, but humans probably wouldn't be as intelligent as we are now if it weren't for meat. And for the record I wasn't at all implying that vegetarians are "faggot bitches". People just want to say their vegan and gluten free because its cool. I don't doubt that its a healthy choice, but at the same time I can't help but make the connection like I did. Without meat, not only would we not be as intelligent, we wouldn't exist.

We are not herbivores. Without meat we wouldn't have survived the ice age and catastrophic volcano events. Meat is only useful as a survival mechanism. Yes it might work but it will really mess things up in the long term. We function much better on plants, but in the ancient past edible plants weren't always available so we dating free spirited woman.

Free spirit is code for hedonist. Hedonist is code for egoistic pleasure. It was a good lesson for you, brah. Her cult was Osho and the most frequent word out of her mouth was freedom. Except, her modus was to find men willing to pay for her. She had no job and no profession.

She was basically a hippie hooker. These cults attract a lot of flakes looking for philosophical support for their narcissistic tendencies. Glad to see there's others who've been there and learnt a valuable lesson. I should have realised when she told me she had 8 development of online dating short term relationships prior to me not to keep her as anything more than a fuckbuddy. You live and you learn, the only thing I look back on in regret is the fact I spent any amount of money on her at all and never got any threesomes.

Ah well life goes on, onwards and upwards. Whenever a girl identifies as a "free spirit" I'm usually relieved as I know it will be easy, non-committal fun. Call em' up to hang once or twice a week with no expectations. Just watch out for that "holier-than-thou special snowflake" syndrome.

Gem rings and Chucks never looked more original I wonder what she considered a short term relationship? And does each guy involved in the gangbangs count as one of her relationships? Dig the AM radio analogy, it's very apt. Also, females can't be free-spirits. They're robots and they conform that's all there is to it.

She saw it on tv or read about. Men are the true free spirits so to speak. Being a free sprint is just a justification for a hopeless lack of control and constantly seeking validation, dating free spirited woman.

When I hear "free-spirit" I interpret it as "getting freely dicked every night by chad" or in this case by every vagina she sees, dating free spirited woman. I'm just glad I discovered trp before it was too late. She depended on me financially, but after a while I stopped supporting her financially, told her she had to support herself first.

She was irresponsible and carefree, she's been in 10 different jobs since she was 18 and is a commitment phobe. If you ever hear a chick say she's a free spirit, run and don't look back. I learnt the hard way. No, she didn't depend on you financially. You let her become dependent on you financially. If someone you're with is in financial trouble, it should be a sign that this person is irresponsible.

You can legally work at I don't date women who don't have consistency in their lives, including jobs. If a woman can't commit to her own basic needs by herself, why would I commit to her ever? You're right man, I learnt a very harsh lesson and was angry dating free spirited woman a long time that I could be such a fool and be beta bucks to someone that didn't ever love me fully. I learnt the hard way, I just hope men take this as advice, don't LTR "free spirits" or bisexuals, in the end they're just not worth the hassle.

Look on the bright, by acknowledging what you've done wrong and understanding what has to be done to prevent it from ever happening again, you're miles ahead of any beta cuck who doesn't understand why no one finds him attractive.

It's the new craze man, that and being a carefree free spirit who doesn't want to be tied down. It's so hippy and radical, and will eventually lead to our societys destruction.

Bisexual is a huge red flag Yup she smoked lot's of weed, got off with multiple women and popped molly. I get a vision of the woman out at the bar dancing with other men, doing things that damage a relationship, irresponsible, unstoppable and unreasonable.

She does what she wants and when she wants with no regard to anyone else's feelings. My first time was with a free spirit kind of girl.


Do you yearn for the devotion of someone who's fiercely independent or loves everything out of the ordinary? The key to sharing a wild soul is to make them feel like they can be freer with you than with anybody else. Understand what attracts you to this person. Free spirits like to flow through life following their whims; things like punctuality, precautions, and other minor details will be of no concern to an independent mind. This often makes them extremely creative and fascinating individuals, which is probably what attracts you to them in the first place.

By imposing dams, as little as they may be, you could very well suffocate the qualities that make this person desirable to you. That is, if you don't manage to scare them off first. Reader Approved How to Tame a Free Spirit Do you yearn for the devotion of someone who's fiercely independent or loves everything out of the ordinary?

Keep this in mind as you implement the following steps. Leave the door open — literally and figuratively. You don't have to come right out and say it, but be sure to make it clear that your free spirit is free to come and go as s he pleases. This will build your free spirit's trust. Restrictions are like chains, and will send this wild horse running for the horizon.

Instead of saying, "Don't ever cheat on me," ask, "Would you really risk losing an awesome person like me just to get a little extra on the side? Get your priorities straight. What do you want most out of the relationship? Can you narrow it down to two or three? A free spirit will not go out of their way to meet your every need. It may happen later, but only once there is complete trust. Set realistic goals by asking for the things you want most out of a relationship — and expecting nothing else.

Many things can scare a free spirit out of a relationship. Some can be what you might consider inconsequential little quirks. Many of them may not be your fault. Just hang in there. If something is happening in your free spirits life that has to do with you, and if it's making their life a little more difficult, don't give up. They may back off for a while, even threaten breaking up. Don't try to convince them not to, but don't go along with it either. If they try to break up, just tell them you don't want to.

Say how good you guys are together. If they end up breaking up with you, refrain from moving on right away. This might hurt, but they could change their mind.

Get to know the person inside-out. Study their tendencies, their quirks, their deepest desires, and their worst fears. Always be accepting and open-minded. Knowledge is power; the better you know this person, the less you'll feel the need to control them.

With time, moreover, this will make you seem like the only person who really gets it and, by extension, the only person they can be their uninhibited self around. To a free spirit, this is the jackpot. Choose your battles wisely. For example, if they're 15 minutes late and you end up missing a movie, roll with the punches and see the next one; however, if they're 45 minutes late to pick you up in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood, there's a serious discussion to be had. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

A person who values their independence will truly test your ability to trust. You need to determine early on whether or not you can trust this person; if you feel you can, then trust them completely or not at all. Sure, you might get burned, but you also might capture the heart of a person that no one else could touch.

Get in touch with your own free spirit. Get in your car and take a road trip. Visit an old friend. Watch a new movie. Taste a different kind of food. Your free spirit will respect you for it and feel a sense of kinship with you when you both get home and recount your adventures.

Love their free spirit. The number one thing that all free spirits demand from their relationships is acceptance; without that, a free-spirited person suffers an assault on their freedom.

Only when you accept them for exactly who they are can they trust you — and only in that trust can a beautiful relationship develop. Just remember that independence is something to be appreciated, not just tolerated; with love and understanding, you'll be giving a free spirit exactly the kind of nourishment that it needs. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Don't try to change this person. Free spirits don't like being judged, which will make them back off or even vanish. Be careful with your words and actions. But once you meet them on the same level learn to accept them as they are they can become the most extraordinary individuals you have ever met.

Give them time to themselves and their projects. Sometimes you just have to let them walk a path alone, letting them know you'll be there when they get to the end. Warnings In many ways, you cannot truly tame a free spirit. What you can do is encourage this person to make you a part of their freedom. If all else fails, try to enjoy the free spirit from afar. Support their activities and communicate that you appreciate their decisions.

Sometimes it is hard to be a free spirit not everyone accepts them as they are, meaning sensitivity can often be an issue , so encouragement can be a nice change. Don't assume that a free spirit is "up for anything". Just because you're inviting a free spirit into your life doesn't mean you need to do dangerous things like practice unsafe sex, do drugs, ride a motorcycle with no helmet, etc.

Not every free spirit is trustworthy just like not every "normal" person is trustworthy ; some cannot be tamed and others are simply selfish. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Commitment Issues In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times.

Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Hopefully when he reads this, he will understand a little bit more that as we grow, a free spirit is not a bad thing to grow into. ME Melissa Evans Nov 18, I've enjoyed lots of relationship advice features here, thank you. SR Sonam Rai Apr 26, A Anonymous Jul 28, More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

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9 Things To Know Before You Date A Free-Spirited Woman Make sure you know that a free-spirited woman will not be caught up on you if you are fake. Dating A Free Spirit Are You Dating A Free Spirit? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For. Dec 26,  · How to Tame a Free Spirit. a free-spirited person suffers an assault on their freedom. you cannot truly tame a free spirit%().

Alsopp Dec 26,  · How to Tame a Free Spirit. a free-spirited person suffers an assault on their freedom. you cannot truly tame a free spirit%(). If you're a man who's dating a free-spirited woman, know that you will never be able to bring her down because she knows her own worth very well.