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Sometimes a different perspective is helpful. This can be done by clicking the edit button above, selecting one of the icons below, then editing in your age or age range. You are welcome to display additional information. Note that not all devices support these icons, sorry. A friend-of-a friend recently let me know that she found her boyfriend on a Sugar Daddy dating site.

My first instinct was pure judgy surprise but the more I talked to her, the more I am warming up to the idea. This woman has no need for her BF's money and in fact, other than dinners he has never paid for a thing for her or us as we all paid for our own drinks. She is not drop-dead beautiful as I would imagine a women would need to be to be on the site. Am I crazy for thinking about trying this?

Or is this just another avenue for me to be ignored? Is the stigma only in my head? The guy my benefactor dating site is dating is pretty damn attractive and is only a year older than me. I'm not sure if your friend found a unique prospect, but the marketing and the sites are definitely designed for younger woman than us, and older men than you might prefer.

It's frequently though obviously not ALWAYS since your friend doesn't have this happening men who use money as a means to control their partner. The companion to a Sugar Daddy lara spencer and michael strahan dating frequently referred to as a Sugar Baby, implying both age and maturity -- women or I suppose sometimes men?

Having said all that, if your friend had a positive experience, and you seem genuinely curious, I don't see the harm in signing up and seeing where that goes. If you decide to do it, though, report back! I'd love to hear a positive experience - both for your sake and curiosity. I agree with your points about the age difference and using money as means of control, but the woman and guy she is when did laurex start dating are close in age she apparently went on many dates with age-appropriate guys.

Also, my friend is loaded herself so I am not sure there are many things he could provide that she could not match. I think it is a good though perspective for me though as I make a good living but am not rolling in it. I would never take money from a guy as that seems I'm curious if she is "loaded" why she went with a Sugar Daddy dating site though.

There are sites geared towards 'rich' people to date other 'rich' people there's a site for everythingand Sugar Daddy definitely has certain implications surrounding it. Hum, TIL that rich people have their own dating sites! Damn, I did not get the name of the site I admit I was so taken aback that I may have misheard her.

Honestly I am not sure. Her reasoning was that she wanted someone who could match her financially and be able to take trips on a whim. Those stereotypically have an age and financial mismatch, with Sugar Daddy older and wealthier than Sugar Baby. That's why he pays for everything. Quick Google says yep, though most of them are geared towards the Sugar Daddy style arrangement I didn't click on any.

I've definitely seen ads for "rich people dating" companies in the magazines they have on airplanes. There is also that Tinder app for "elites" I think its called "The League" or something. This is interesting, benefactor dating site, because a friend of mine is also pretty loaded and she has trouble dating because of it.

She also does not want to step down in her lifestyle at all, so prefers someone on her level. The thing is, her appearance and everything about her makes her intimidating and pretty much undatable to the average guy because everything screams money. And she drives a k porche. She dated a lawyer once who had a matching one, but hers was at least 50k more expensive and he didn't like that!

Same same, in this instance. It's a commodity-driven market; he's got money, she's got goods he wants. The commenter to whom I'm responding used the word "sexuality" which didn't fit with what I felt he was saying, so I went straight to the heart of his point. Are you sure your friend is telling the truth? It's my understanding that most women who are Sugar Babies sugarcoat LOL the terms of their arrangements. Most of those Sugar Daddy sites are set up for old dudes to date like 21 year old college students and pay their rent and buy them stuff, it is for hot girls only.

I favor something like that for a first date. Re 3, my casual first dates i. Even if there is no connection, conversation is easy for 90 minutes or more.

Most of my casual first dates last 3 hours or more. These were unusually short. How did it go in those meetings? Were they time bound to begin with? Like a meeting in the middle of a workday? I never saw either guy again. To me they were fine, not exciting but fine. Both were weeknight meetings. Hopefully you are joking about being a horrible date. I will assume so. Obviously it could be your companions were not good dates or not good at conversation, benefactor dating site.

In your experience, what is it about a dinner date that would cause it to be longer? If the latter, why do you suppose that would that be? I think it is the time needed to settle in and get past the general question portion of the meeting. Plus, having a meal is great insight into a person: I like to meet for a drink at a place where we can stay for dinner if it's going well. Best of both worlds.

If I am saving to meet a guy for a drink then I am having to eat dinner before I drink an adult drink otherwise I will be trashed do not get to drink often these days so I am a lightweight. I need to know beforehand if I need to save more calories for food. Not looking to be sloppy drunk when first meeting someone! Of course, this is what worked for me, and may not be what you want to do.

I will admit that I've gone on dates with people in the past and been irritated at their dietary restrictions, so I try not to bring up mine early into things.


The show and its format were kept tightly under wraps during its filming, which began on April 30, in Dallas, Texas. Mark Cuban purposefully kept details about the show to a minimum, eliciting only a small bit of information about the show on his personal blog during filming. Dallas journalists, eager to learn what was going on, routinely compiled sightings of Benefactor film crews around town. However, the show proved to be extremely unpopular and suffered from very low ratings, despite leading into the popular Monday Night Football.

Episode three had only 4. Episode four did even worse, with only 4. The series was widely seen as a copycat and derivative of The Apprentice , a popular show of the time that was hosted by Donald Trump. The Benefactor debuted about nine months after The Apprentice did, though The Benefactor focused more on offbeat and unconventional tasks that were unrelated to business, as opposed to The Apprentice's commerce-related tasks. The Benefactor also offered a straight cash prize as opposed to an apprenticeship with salary.

Each game or test involved throughout the show was designed specifically by Cuban to require the contestants to demonstrate these skills. In the first week, Mark Cuban invited the sixteen contestants to a Dallas mansion to begin the game. As the contestants arrive, Cuban watches them and their interactions with the others through closed-circuit cameras.

Once everyone has arrived, Cuban joins the group and announces that one of them has already failed the first test: Cuban then proceeded to eliminate Richard, who Cuban believed had called the game "stupid" In reality, he actually said that he didn't 'think ['The Benefactor'] was 'going to be one of those stupid shows.

The next part of the game involved Cuban interviewing each of the contestants. He did so with the purpose of determining whether or not the contestants could live up to the expectations that Cuban had from them from their applications. From the interviews, Cuban sent Laurel home because she wouldn't play air guitar during her interview, a contrast to her application video where she checked her mail in the nude.

Cuban then deliberated between sending William and Grayson home, but had a difficult time deciding, so he decided to have the two play a game of Jenga to determine who would stay by challenging their ability to handle pressure. Grayson was able to hang in the game for a while, but William eventually won and Grayson was eliminated. In the second week of the program, Cuban chose three of the remaining thirteen contestants to be "captains.

Kathy, the thirteenth contestant, was then eliminated from the game. Linda's team was the first to go in the morning.

They take Cuban to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas to visit the patients, but they realize they made a mistake when they realize that Cuban was a regular visitor to the hospital's patients and that the contestants didn't get much time to interact with Cuban.

Dominic's team is next, going in the afternoon. Cuban is very excited because he hasn't been to an arcade since he was fifteen and has a great time, capping the time off with a mid-day beer with the team. Shawn's team goes last late in the afternoon. They take Cuban to the Speed Zone go-kart park.

Cuban again has a good time, but following racing, the team takes Mark to a sky-shot ride, which shoots riders into the sky on a giant slingshot. Mark, however, is afraid of heights and refuses to get on it. The team doesn't have a backup plan and they end up wasting the remaining 45 minutes of Cuban's time and, consequently, lose the competition.

The four members of Shawn's team are then put before Cuban's "Board of Advisors" - a panel of three second-graders - who will determine which two members will stay in the game and which two will have to leave.

After the three second-graders ask the four contestants a series of questions, they determine to eliminate William and Mario. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the reality television show. For the film, see The Benefactor film. Retrieved from " https: American reality television series American Broadcasting Company network shows s American television series American television series debuts American television series endings English-language television programs.

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North Hampton, New Hampshire.


Secret Benefits is a dynamic online meeting place for men and women to explore the exciting world of sugar daddy dating. Since , millions of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies have used the service to find adventure and companionship, creating unique arrangements that are mutually fulfilling. Benefactor definition, a person who confers a benefit; kindly helper. See more. May 18,  · I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but is there a site or any place here for reenactors who are single to meet, and chat? Would anybody else like to see a site like that?

Barnes Choosing the best benefactor. One of the biggest concerns of families today is knowing how family assets will be divided after the death of a supporting family member. A friend-of-a friend recently let me know that she found her boyfriend on a Sugar Daddy dating site. My first instinct was pure judgy surprise but.