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If we navigate carefullywe can find modest websites that have a personal ad section, free and open to anyone. It just occurred to me to try posting on a relatively clean one, making sure to stress the importance of my faith. This could be a temporary solution pending the creation of the godly ANR dating site we all want. Obviously, the most important thing to seek in a woman is godly character, anr abf dating. The typical woman who really loves Couples Nursing absolutely possesses the most amazingly inviting breasts.

From viewing hundreds of ANR profiles, I could just tell. So without staring at them, aim for succulent, soft, comforting, juicy, large, heavy, inviting, moist, fluid, and, for the lack of better words, udder-ly irresistible. Well-endowed ladies that strongly desire an ANR have the nicest christian online dating services in the whole world, trust me on this.

And remember that the spiritual is more important than the physical, although the physical matters to God too. And exercise self-control, per 1 Thessalonians 4: Dear Lord, please raise some believers to rise to the occasion. There are several Christians who want to see this happen so let them rise and join in partnership for this great biblical, Christ-glorifying endeavor.

With the taboo still surrounding it I feel [a hastily created ANR dating site] may do more [harm] than [good]. Plus I would rather work on content than spending my time constantly policing people. Be sure to see Godly ANR anr abf dating slenderman dating sim desperately needed.

ABF singles allows obscene amounts of cleavage. Kwink and ANR Connections take it a step further to full fledged nudity. Needless to say, I do not recommend visiting them. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Godly ANR dating site desperately needed. Using biblical wisdom, google some of these ANR dating anr abf dating posts to corroborate their authenticity.

Sex within marriage is basically a way for a husband and wife to worship God by fulfilling His original design for sex. I chalk that up to include all acts of intimacy.

Sex is not meant to be selfish or one-sided. The husband and wife are looking for ways to please the other without concern for themselves. It is a form of sacrificial love. You want to give your best to your spouse without holding back just speed dating bournemouth we should give to God without holding back.

On a selfish level, my husband enjoying my breasts would give me great joy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and quite frankly I think it would be thrilling.

By nature, I am anr abf dating nurturing woman and I think being in an ANR would increase those feelings in me and provide almost a sense of healing for my own personal insecurities. I hope my answer made sense. I have a genuine desire to be a great wife.

Never having been married nor nursed a baby, the desire to deeply bond with my husband and give him this gift no one else can married for lifehas lept off the charts.

In my research on Mother-Child breastfeeding, there are significant hormones released in this amazing process. I am greatly encouraged to know that I am capable of producing milk at my age and without prior childbirth experience … I have not been in an ANR before, anr abf dating, so the thought of this [ANR dating] community existing is very exciting and gives me hope to find the husband of my deepest desire.

I want to have a relaxing, cozy home for my husband to come home to; his safe-haven from the day to day grind. Growing together in our shared faith not religioncoupled with our ANR can only take our already deep bond to an even deeper level that we have never experienced. If what I have written is what you are looking for, then awesome, send me your thoughts. Please no game players. I want serious-NOT curious. God be with you. Within safe free dating apps couple of clicks, I found your site and I am thrilled to pieces to read all of your personal journal entries so beautifully written, with honesty, from the heart.

An ANR is something I have desired since early adulthood but never knew there was an actual name for it or an established ANR community. When I called him and shared this ANR discovery with him, he was thrilled and very intrigued at the same time.

My Kiwi and I have had many in depth discussions over the course of getting to know each other. I am thrilled beyond words that he and I have an equal passion for breast attention. Reading Song of Solomon makes so much more sense in how God designed husbands and wives to enjoy each others bodies within the exclusiveness of marriage … We are so looking forward to all of the wonderful moments and benefits to be had with our ANR.

I know without a doubt that God designed us for each other at this time in our life; experiencing and expressing for each other a love that could have only come from God alone. I am not looking to just nurse someone, I want to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I am not interested in a relationship with someone who smokes. I am looking for someone who is eager to have a family. I prefer traditional gender roles.

I have strong opinions sometimes, but I also have a big desire to take a more submissive role in a relationship. ANR, social, sexual, etc. I would like to meet someone who has the same values as me and that wishes to share in the adventure and journey that is anr. To meet my true [mate] with whom I can share all aspects of life on a day to day basis. I believe that one of the true apsects of anr is that a man and a woman become the closests of friends and sharing of everything in life.

The bond that comes from sharing during the nursing and suckling is one such that only true people who have shared this desire to be this close with another human being understands the need and desire.

To have that special someone who is my friend, lover, helpmate in life and that will really accept me for me as I am to accept them. I would love nothing better than to meet my partner with whom I could share myself both day and night, to lay in bed in the evening and nurse, just to share that close time at the end of the day.

To awake with that person in the morning and start the day in a companionable nursing session to start the day relaxed and know that when you walk out the vince neil dating for the day to know that person will there for you to share with all over again. To hold that special person in my arms close to my heart and have them gently suckle my sweet love right out of my body and feel it flow into them.

It is almost a spiritual experience and one that I dearly miss in my life. I want the closeness and bonding that naturally comes with that kind of relationship. Lucy dating should understand that this is for both of us, anr abf dating. It would make you happy to know that I am receiving just as much pleasure, from what you are making my body do for you. Id love to take care of all your needs.

I would love to cuddle up with a nice person, watch ESPN or a movie, and … develope a delta dating wall caring relationship with. I see breastfeeding my partner as a deeply bonding, sensual and ultimately loving act. To watch … as the milk flows from my body into his would be truly beautiful.

The closeness, the physical and emotional intimacy, the enhanced feelings of deep caring, giving and receiving, are described as both attainable and worth working for. Not lactating yet, but working on it. Or even mild disagreement. I hope to experience the comfort and intimacy of abf for long periods at a time, which I suspect would feel beautiful! Hoping to find a partner who realizes this is a giving act on both parts and craves the closeness as well as the sexual.

I want to nurse him on demand when he desires it. I cannot deny him as he needs nourishment and security from my breast.

My objective is very much emotional. I want the experience with someone who I trust, love and is deserving of such an amazing gift. I would like to find someone with whom I can share the interdependency of this type of a relationship. The recent Ashley Madison leak has revealed some telling data. How does this compare to other matchmaking sites? Women have a much easier time finding sexual partners. The main reason I strongly suspect a ratio for Adult Nursing Relationships is their unique nature.

Many ANR women have much girl next door charm. Some are even involved in church. God has designed women to be very society-friendly. A good litmus test of the social conduciveness of anything is to examine its male-female ratio. The more equal, the better. The online dating guide pdf sexual pleasure plays an important but slightly less significant role.

Husband Nursing lies at the confluence of our God-given, sex-specific hard wiring. CN creates a win-win situation for both spouses.

Indeed, of the dozens of ANR blogs out there, mine is the only one I know that is owned by a man. One of the ladies who said no to an ANR had professed to having a high sex drive.

She told me she found it interesting and peculiar that I insist on any one particular sex act in marriage. However, if one reads all the posts on this blog thoroughly and with an open mind, it quickly becomes obvious that an ANR is no mere sex act. Some sites are out to destroy the institution of marriage, others aim to strengthen it to the glory of Christ. December 30, update: I feel something this beneficial and Christ-exalting should be brought up sooner rather than later.

I must reiterate the necessity of cordiality in this kind of situation.


If you've heard of it have you given it anything thought as to whether you'd consider it? I would love to find a man to help me induce lactation. I am 33 very fit looking for a male fit and health focused in east TN. I already have a little milk just need that right man to make me full. I prefer to feed naked. I love the closeness of the act. I have started women that has never had a baby and when I am on breast you will think that it is a baby I am so gentle and I know how to milk a breast.

I have 30 years or so experince but lost my partner of 40 yrs. Actually a lady doesn't have to have been pregnant in order to lactate. All that is required is enough steady suckling on a regular basis for a woman to produce a chemical called prolactin which will start the lactation process. For more information on this, there is an entire online community https: Have heard of it, and have considered it.

But it's difficult to find a partner who wants to dedicate the time that is necessary to maintain lactation. It's an everyday, times a day, commitment.

Not just occasional "fun". I am looking for a partner but I am in Tn. I have started some in less than a week but had milk first day. LOL I would never do that! I am interested in meeting a man interested in this type of relationship.

Message me if you are in Los Angeles. Hello, I'm Jon I would greedly suckle your milk out with loud suckle noises if ya let meh, my kik is yomomma my email is thedickinabox gmail. Yes, I love it when my breast are worshiped. It is just hard to find someone to suckle my milk too.

I LOVE this answer! Absolutely yes and yes. My husband and I have had an ANR for almost 2 months now and it has brought us so much closer. And the sex has never been better! You are indeed lucky: I am currently in an ANR with my husband. We enjoy every ounce of it. It has brought us closer together in more ways than can verbally be said.

And I get the added benefit of having larger breasts without surgery! Ditto on my comments above to you and your hubby. Any tips for some one who is thinking about this and where to go online for someone else to enjoy too.

Anr is an abbreviate of adult nursing relationship and focuses on the long-term commitment and bonding experience between a couple. Abf, which is adult breastfeeding, is different and is more like a one night stand or a treated like a cheap thrill.

Anr can be non sexual, but Abf mostly treats it like a fetish. It's actually quite common, There is an adult website where people interested in ANR can meet and interact. You're going to have to spell this one out. I'm slow on the uptake on this one; I don't have a clue what you're talking about? I found my partner on link And we both love it. I am in Ventura and would like to try, anyone needed a feeder please message me at coleblade gmail.

An ANR is an amazing relationship to me. One that can be passionate, intense, exciting and yet still be calming and relaxing. I've been looking for a partner for years and can't find a woman in my area that's truly into it. Would be very intersted in finding someone to do this with. Live in LA would be good with any age. Seems like the abbreviation is not clear by itself.

I live in chattanooga, and am experienced , but old. My boyfriend doesn't want to circumcise our future son, I want to. What should we do? Is anal and oral sex safe after surgery? Is it big enough? What boobs size are condidered perfect?

What Girls Said 8. I'm in LA if you are still interested. I'd be happy to help you out! I'm in the LA area, message me: Love it, and looking for anr partner in Chattanooga.

I live just outside of chattanooga and I am def interested in an anr partner. I live in chattanooga and would love to be your anr partner. I have heard of it and I would love to do it. What Guys Said Don't get me wrong, I'm a boob man to the core. But this is too much.. Men Don't Notice Me Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Singles interested in ANR. Welcome to the fastest growing FREE dating site! OkCupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. Not to mention a whole lot of fun! ANR/ABF stands for: A Nursing Relationship/Adult Breast Feeding. ANR/ABF refers to a relationship involving sucking milk from the female . How many women out there have heard of ANR/ABF? If you've heard of it have you given it anything thought as to whether you'd consider it? .

Fleming How many women out there have heard of ANR/ABF? If you've heard of it have you given it anything thought as to whether you'd consider it? . Adult Breastfeeding/Nursing Relationship (ABF/ANR) Women Seeking ANR 2d Hi, I'm a 40 yr old black female with large breasts size G looking for a black man interested in a an ABR/ANR in the Houston area. prefer someone close in age.