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We maintain a Fresh Server, if it ain't xo then it gotta go! We host regular events, including our own podcast. I decided to have an idea to make a server based around Greek Mythology.

It has an NSFW channel and what not, but the server's age limit isn't that high. You must be of age 13 or dating discord to join, considering you should be 13 or higher to even have a Discord account. We're accepting to all people that come here and are waiting for your arrival!

Here, you're free to talk about online dating names From tv shows and movies, to animes and kpop! You can even talk about how you're feeling. You can meet new people with the same interests, or widely different interests to talk to. We will do our best with the help of Bots to provide a safe and reliable dating and chatting experience.

Explore, Discover, Create, and More in Pick up linesFashionetc No pings unless you want 'em. We do not use everyone and hereYou can get pingable roles if you want! Amazing staff and Members to get to know! Join in and make some friends! AuctionsMovie and Game nightsKaraoke and more! Play with Bots and get Server perks!

Here we're all Snaccs, and anyone who joins is welcome so feel free to join! We have many roles, tons of bots, text and voice channels, and an morgan freeman dating step granddaughter community!

Come find the perfect snacc for you! The main premise of the server being for users to join and find others nearby them who are interested in cuddling, similar to that of a dating app yet for cuddles, perhaps more for some, dating discord. We also host a small variety of music, games and hentai. We are a fairly new community of dedicated discord users and we hope to see some new friendly faces!

We hope to see you there! We have a dedicated staff and lots of heart. We take user feedback very seriously and strive to fit the needs and desires of our community. We have Roleplay, dating discord, Gaming, events and more. We even have an adult's only section for those looking for a mature environment to chat or meet others. We welcome you with open arms and hope you find yourself at home in Panda's Empire. You won't be judged, you'll even be encouraged. Just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever.

We have regular movie nights and kahoot nights! Keep swearing minimum just don't use racist or discriminatory or anything else. We accept everyone, and we promise we will make you feel like you belong here. Hope to see you soon!


This story is a sequel to I Love Ya to the Core. Spike finds himself on a game show hosted by Discord where he has to choose between three mysterious bachelorettes, not realizing that this is a ploy to settle a love triangle he has not been aware of. Who will Spike choose?

Hearts might be broken and secrets might be spilled. This is a "sort of" follow-up to "Bride of Discord. Cover Image by WolfSpirit , who also adapted this into a comic! Time to read the fic this is based on now. Always nice to see some AppleSpike Okay, you got a laugh out of me. Where the smeg did all those downvotes come from? Sometimes I think people who hate Spike shipping seek these stories out Nice I have to say you can make this story to a sage: Excellently done, far from rote indeed!

The Duchess of Tome approves. Is that in another fanfic? Must have missed that. This makes you think. Just imagine if Celestia won a date with Luna? That would be hilarious. Maybe I should write something like that and wait to post it. You know, to edit and add on, maybe clip some bits off. I was actually gripped to see who he would pick. This story was so awesome. I like how this ended.

I've always kind of liked AppleSpike better than Sparity. I read this after reading the daughter of discord because i just happened to come across it it was fate! I was waiting for Spike to pick Twilight, to throw the readers off. I don't really see Spike with AJ, the only thing between them is that they are both hard workers. I'm not saying love can't bloom but Anyway I think you should segment this and have a type of "choose your own adventure" thing.

This story is not bad just not my cup of sugar. Ahh i love those awkward Twilight moments. If you were pulling an anvil cart Is this supposed to be a description of a mining cart which looks sort of like an anvil in profile?

My brain hiccups every time I read 'anvil cart' in that sentence. If I were pulling a hot dog cart, it might or might not look like a hot dog, but it would contain hot dogs.

I got here after reading that and I noticed this story came out before. Either way, it has a happy ending! That is exactly how it was. I remember feeling where her lips touched mine, as though it burned a line across them and slightly to one side; we missed!

And I bet AJ will be okay with him growing out a moustache—he'll look like a proper cow So tender and romantic! Okay, AppleSpike is definitely my second-favorite ship. I loved this story!!! It was romantic but serious. Well, of course her lips did! I mean, she is a apple, isn't she? Love love love it! Story Lists What's Hot? Back Currently Reading What's Hot? By continuing to use Fimfiction you agree to the use of cookies for authentication, personalised content and advertising.

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Aug 17th, Download. Viewing 1 - 50 of Don't worry Rarity, I know the feeling of rejection all too well. Go Spike and AJ! Can you please make an alternate ending where he ends up with Rarity? Both hilarious and sweet. I highly enjoyed this. I simply love all your stories: Stats Page generated in 0.


Risen from the ashes of "The Dating Room" like a phoenix, "The Friend Zone" is taking a more casual focus on community and prov. The Love Club was created by Hopeless Romantics to bring Singles together in a safe place to mingle and connect. We’re chill, we love to game and party, we have the music bot rolling always. There’s a dating-inquiry channel, designated Matchmakers and Love Doctors! All Ages Are Welcome. The Discord Dating Game One minute Applejack was bucking apples on the farm, the next she was sitting on a stool in a dark room. “What in tarnation?” she uttered.

Warren The Discord Dating Game more discord dating game next time. the bachelorette is twilight and the guests are. blueblood lyra and princess celestia. Changeling-Drone. The Love Club was created by Hopeless Romantics to bring Singles together in a safe place to mingle and connect. We’re chill, we love to game and party, we have the music bot rolling always. There’s a dating-inquiry channel, designated Matchmakers and Love Doctors! All Ages Are Welcome.