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Executive Assistant at Overstock. Also models in her spare time and is a motorcycle enthusiast. Can almost kelsey chow dating you her entrance on night one will be on a motorcycle. Picture courtesy of DivinitaSole. Registered Nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois. Graduated University of North Florida in Has three other sisters. Graduated Youngstown State University in From my family in the mecca that is Ohio, Cali, Fl and Md, my Redskin sisters, my Fox News family, to the random friends in between you have all been amazing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart I am beyond humbled to have so many great people in my life. I love you all so much! Graduated from Western Jonas armstrong dating University. Younger sister Kelsea Wilson just got engaged last month. Her gimmick is that she is not going to kiss another man until her wedding day.

Here is a mall performance from over a year ago. Needless to say, she looks a lot different now than she did then:. Got pregnant at 17, married shortly thereafter, and has been divorced a couple years. Daughter Sadie turns 8 next month and son Cohen just turned 6. She no longer works for Vivint. Christina Scherenberg goes by Trina: Originally from Algonquin Hills, IL. Has two Masters Degrees. No kids, never married, father passed away in January of this year.

Graduated from Middle Tennessee St. University with a degree in Public Relations. Works as a barista at The Perch in Nashville. Has purple highlights in her hair because the show wanted her to. Just graduated Colorado University Denver in May.

The pictures of her and other girls, she is on the left. All social media currently de-activated. Originally from Shreveport, LA. Becca is the 2nd oldest, followed by brother Chris Jr. Currently living in Los Angeles.

Originally from Gering, Nebraska. What does she do? Also heard she works at a restaurant. Has a website at JadeRoper. And has a 3 minute video to go along with it.

This link shows a photo and a video of Jade Roper completely nude in a photo shoot for Playboy Amateur. View at your own risk. Jade Roper Playboy Amateur. She competed in Miss Connecticut Has her own website at NikkiDelventhal. And if you want to see her working out, well here you go:. Flight attendant for Frontier Airlines.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Originally from Oregon, but currently living in San Diego. Currently works as a mortgage loan officer for American Internet Mortage. Previously married in Las Vegas to Dustin that she had a daughter named Ireland with. Unfortunately, Dustin committed suicide injust a couple months after landing a new job in San Diego. A donation page was set up through the AFSP. Seemed like a really selfless, charitable guy. And a video that Juelia uploaded for their 1 year anniversary: Dustin and Juelia from Juelia Kinney on Vimeo.

She is a widow. Was married to musician Sanderson Poe before he died suddenly in She has a website Anomalyme. Attended James Madison University then went to Syracuse to study broadcast journalism. Also, has done some work with the NY Jets as well hey, maybe she knows Nikki Delventhal as she wrote for and did videos for the Jets Insider. Was on a rowing scholarship kelsey chow dating the University of Miami, and now is an aspiring model.

Also, big into sport fishing as evidenced by is theodd1sout dating mikayla snow picturesand is trying to get sponsored for it. Has a twin sister Chelsie Eddings. I mean, if your last instagram post before leaving for filming back in September is an expletive quote from Mr.

Holy moly this chick is out there. Wanna watch 9 minutes of her road tripping with her friend 5 years ago to the Britney Spears concert in Canada? Or her and a friend eating whatever with a crazy filter on their camera saying basically nothing and listening to a horrible song:.

And for good measure, a few vine videos she made of her mom: Twitter — kaitlynbristowe Instagram — kaitlynbristowe Pinterest — Kaitlyn Bristowe. Not sure what she does, but she has a son named Kale that she posts all over her Instagram.

You should know better, kelsey chow dating. Basically that makes her my favorite person in the world now. If you have 8 minutes of your day to carve out, you might wanna check this out, kelsey chow dating.

Finished in the Top 10 in for Miss California, you can the results here and here. Works as an assistant controller at Lynx Chemical Group. Also a graduate of the Judith Svalander School Ballet and currently teaches there. Pageant girl that made the top 32 in Miss Illinoisand finished in the top 5. A plus size model who also is a competitive surfer. Facebook — Bo Stanley Instagram — bostanley. Yoga alvarez serial numbers dating who also acts and sings.

They never cast people like that on this show. Has a website of headshots for her acting resume. And probably the last. Graduated Pepperdine University Booooooo in with a B. LinkedIn — Reegan Cornwell. University in with a B.

I think its more about his credibility which is beyond important to him. I enjoy everyones comments here. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse realitysteve. Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Evie looks just like Malin Akerman. Does anyone else see it?

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To view photos from the Kelly Collection, click here. We also have a Business Card Page. To visit the Schuyler County Historical Society website, click here. For earlier Brian O'Donnell history columns and other historical items, click here. This is one of them. Second of a series.

By Gary Emerson In the 19th century days of horses and buggies, area people could utilize lake ferries rather than travel around the lake to get to the other side. It began operation around , pre-dating the arrival of steamboats on the lake.

The ferry was 80 feet long, 18 feet wide, and had a 65 foot tall mast. The ferry was used not only to transport people, but also wagons, horses, cattle, and goods such as soap, grain, coal, and fruit.

Anywhere from twenty to eighty head of cattle could be carried on the boat. The Goodwin Ferry provided a convenient connection for people traveling between Auburn and Bath. The fare for a person was 25 cents. For a horse and wagon it was 75 cents. A herd of cattle was charged two shillings per head. If someone wanted to cross right away on a special trip, they had to give up a silver dollar. The ferry typically earned between twenty-five and fifty dollars a day.

The legislation also prohibited anyone from operating a competing ferry within three miles. If a passenger complained about being in a hurry, he was handed an oar and encouraged to help out. Eventually the Goodwin Ferry employed a one horse-power motor: The horse was put to work on days when there was little wind.

A real engine was added in the s, allowing the ferry to cross the lake in twelve minutes. The ferry ran from sun-up to sun-down. The Goodwin Ferry operated for five years without a state charter, but in Goodwin applied for and received a charter.

It continued to operate until , when competition with railroads made the ferry obsolete. Frank Wood served as captain on the Goodwin Ferry for over thirty years, making his first voyage in Captain Wood and the Goodwin Ferry left North Hector for Starkey Point that day, even though a strong wind was already keeping most boats off the lake.

On board was year-old Fred Look, who managed the engine, and who later described the harrowing journey. Since the engine was used only on windless days, Look was on deck taking a turn at the wheel as the storm worsened.

Waves crashed over the bow, making the foot deck awash with water. Captain Wood took the wheel while Look and the other crew members frantically tried to fire up the steam engine. Stuck on the gravel and being pounded by wind and waves, the boat was in danger of being smashed to pieces. But the storm suddenly freed the boat from the gravel and it was once again afloat in the lake.

Captain Wood had the crew anchor the boat until the engine was ready. Using the engine and the sails the men attempted to reach port, but the boat was too damaged. The ferry boat was later towed to Coal Point now known as Salt Point to a dry dock for repairs that took nine days.

Captain Wood continued to operate the ferry for Richardson until it closed in The boat sat along the shore at North Hector Point and apparently served as a playhouse for children -- until it was eventually cut up and used as fuel for a wood stove. First of a series. By Gary Emerson A cold rain fell on the morning of October 25, , as the crowd waited at the railroad station clutching their umbrellas.

It was nearly 11 a. Senator, and even ran for President of the United States. Now David Bennett Hill was to be buried in his hometown. Caleb was a carpenter who built canal boats and constructed buildings in the village, while Eunice kept their home, raised the children, and grew flowers that were the envy of many. As a boy, David was often seen running about the village barefooted.

He was bright and did well in school. As a teenager, he and a friend, Joseph Dolph, tended a lock on the Chemung Canal during the summer. Havana, the early name of Montour Falls, was a growing town, and benefactor Charles Cook was politically well connected in state politics.

Senators William Seward and Stephen A. David graduated from the Havana Academy in Both he and Joe Dolph shared an interest in the law, and the two young men pursued law studies. David studied in the office of a lawyer in Havana, but in Elmira lawyer Erastus Hart, who had taken an interest in David, invited him to move to Elmira to complete his studies.

He passed the bar exam in , and opened a law office in Elmira with an older partner, Gabriel Lewis Smith.

But even as he practiced law, David indulged in another burning interest: He quickly became involved with local politics in Elmira, often staying late in his office talking politics with many visitors. In , the year-old Hill was elected to the New York State Assembly, where he served two one-year terms. In the Assembly he worked with the infamous Boss Tweed, and together the two men bought the Elmira Gazette to use the newspaper as a Democratic Party forum.

After serving in the Assembly, Hill returned to his law practice in Elmira. His yearning for the political arena soon led him to a successful run for mayor of Elmira in Hill settled for the Lieutenant Governor slot on the ticket, and in November, Cleveland and Hill won their elections easily.

Neither man was to languish in their office for long, as other political laurels beckoned. As governor, Hill enacted several important pieces of legislation. Hill signed legislation to create the Adirondack Park, which preserved vast acres of land as a forest preserve. He ended executions by hanging and replaced them with the electric chair, which Hill considered more humane.

Hill also sought to curb child labor, signing legislation prohibiting the use of children under the age of 13 in industry, as well as placing limits on the hours of employment for minors and women under age While he did accomplish some good, the shadier side of his past and present continued to haunt him.

A Thomas Nast cartoon depicted Hill trying to close the door of a closet with the skeleton Boss Tweed inside. Hill staunchly opposed proposals for secret ballots, preferring the continued use of party printed ballots, which encouraged straight party ticket voting. It also allowed employers and political machine leaders to see how constituents were voting, thus enabling influence over their choices.

Hill also used patronage to keep loyal Democrats appointed to state offices. Although Hill abstained from alcohol, he strongly supported the liquor interests in the state. Hill opposed raising excise taxes on alcohol and licensing fees on establishments to the frustration of prohibition forces.

Hill realized that there were a lot of men who did drink, and they were voters. During his terms as governor, Hill had to deal with a legislature controlled by Republicans. As his last term as governor was ending, the New York Assembly finally had a Democratic majority, but the Senate did not. A change of only three seats in the Senate could give the Democrats a majority, and Hill devised a way to make that happen.

As governor, Hill controlled the patronage allowing him to choose the county canvassers who certified the election results. In the Senate election, the Republican victors of the 15th, 25th, and 27th Senate districts suddenly found themselves disqualified due to improper ballots or ineligibility.

With Democrats in control of the legislature, Hill was named a U. Senator at that time, state legislators chose U. Senators , but his sights were set on a higher office. The year was a presidential election year, and many Democrats thought David Hill would be the logical nominee, and so did David Hill.

Yet, there were some in the party who preferred Grover Cleveland. Although Hill had served as Lieutenant Governor under Cleveland, the two men had experienced a falling out. To solidify his hold on getting Democrats in New York to nominate him and to build momentum, Hill called for an early meeting of the Democratic convention in his state in February, Hill got the New York nomination, but it was costly.

Both tactics smacked of Tammany politics. When the party gathered in Chicago for the national convention, Hill saw his dream of national glory evaporate in disappointment as the delegates once again turned to Grover Cleveland.

Cleveland went on to win the election, leaving Hill to imagine that if not for a few mistakes, he could have been President. It was a bitter pill to swallow. Hill now turned his attention to a term in the U. Senate, where he found a familiar face that reminded him of good times from the past.

Joe Dolph had earned his law degree and moved to Binghamton, New York to open a practice. There he joined the Oregon Guard in that protected a wagon train headed to Oregon.

Dolph settled in Oregon, where he was elected to the state legislature, and in was chosen to represent Oregon in the U. Now, the two old friends who once tended a canal lock, now tended to the laws of the nation in the upper house of Congress. After serving one term, Hill left the Senate in and returned to practicing law in Albany.

He still kept his hand in politics, giving counsel to fellow Democrats, and even managed the presidential campaign of Alton Parker against Teddy Roosevelt in After losing that campaign, Hill decided to retire from politics for good.


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