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On A freezing night in Docklands, a crocodile of women waits outside a nightclub. They wear long cocktail gowns under sensible coats and have neatly curled hair, like the Queen.

Most are elderly, or nearly elderly. Quite a few are in wheelchairs, or on crutches, and one is blind. It is an odd sight and the young people sauntering past stare politely, as if the women have been beamed down en masse from Bhs. Because these are the Fanilows - the most devoted fans on Earth. Barry Manilow hasn't toured Britain for six years.

The king of lounge singers has been busy headlining at the Las Vegas Hilton for squillions of pounds, and the British Fanilows have had to save up and go to Vegas to get their fix. But now - at last - he is here.

I approach a group of women from Staffordshire and tell them I am a reporter and I am investigating the 'Manilow Magic' phenomenon. He has sold 76 million records in his year career, although only the Fanilows will admit to buying them. For some reason, I feel slightly like a nurse. They turn to me, pause, and ask the only question that matters to a Fanilow: I don't blink because I am prepared. I am member no. All right, I joined only the club when I discovered I was going to be meeting the Fanilows.

At least I think it was Barry. I was so far back I had to take it on trust. He bounded around like a dancing pin, changed jackets a lot - the last one my bleeding eyeballs could register was parrot yellow - and flirted, rather disgustingly, with the fans.

I didn't believe a word of it, but the Fanilows loved it. They giggled, screamed and waved blue lights. I am sure some collapsed - there must be the occasional deaths at Barry Manilow concerts, it is a statistical certainly. And all the excitement was oddly infectious. So I can tell the ladies that, yes, I do like Barry Manilow, who is barry manilow dating, even if I wouldn't starve to save up to see him in concert, as Fanilows do.

They relax and try to tell me why they love Barry so much. But they are not very good at it. Inside they are clearly seething with passion, but the only words that come out average time of dating before marriage Barryplatitudes such as 'He is wonderful' and 'I love him' and 'His music is beautiful'.

You mean - the flan? They think he is a flan? Why do you think people make fun of Barry Manilow? The question upsets them. Do they think he is coming tonight to the fan club gathering? I'm not sure he would be physically safe here, but apparently, in the real-life presence of Barry, the Fanilows go very quiet, like stunned rabbits. At last we get into the club, very late, who is barry manilow dating, so some of the Fanilows are cross. But not with Barry, for he can do no wrong. He hangs over the party like a benevolent god - or surgically enhanced cloud - and, they tell me repeatedly, he loves them.

No, it is the fault of the organisers and if Barry knew, he would weep Barrytears. When I ask the bouncer exactly why they had to check the name of every Fanilow against a list and see a passport - what is this, the G8 summit? Downstairs it is dark and a little poky, and the Fanilows are shocked there aren't chairs for all of them.

The lucky ones are squeezed on to banquettes round a dance floor and are tapping their feet. Only Barrymusic is being played tonight. And if Barrymusic isn't being played, it is because recordings of Barryspeak are being played instead. There is a buffet but no free drinks. But not for the Fanilows. These respectable women are Barrynutters. All they do is talk about Barry Manilow, the skinny, year-old - at least that's his official age - camp balladeer from New York who sings schmaltz with terrible rhymes.

Who is anthony scaramucci dating they have crossed oceans for him.

Barry would presumably rhyme ocean with potion, or maybe sun lotion. I meet one large fan who has come from Holland, and one small one from Sweden. She will be at every concert this week, like every Fanilow.

Eventually I give up asking them why they love Barry Manilow. In truth, I don't think they actually know. I listen, and learn that when a Fanilow is ill, she gets hundreds of get-well cards from Fanilows worldwide, even ones she has never met, because Fanilows are a global network, like a weird Barrythemed version of SMERSH, the evil organisation in James Bond.

Everyone I meet here seems to have been a Fanilow for 27 years, which means there was a mass British conversion inpossibly due to some weird alignment of the stars. I meet a woman who has actually sung with Barry.

What was it like? When I came off everyone asked me what he smelled like. And what does he, er, smell like? For those of you who don't receive mad daily emails about Barry, his eyes are blue, his hair is blond - well, it used to be - and he has admitted to having a facelift in he apparently left the surgery in a blond wig, which may explain the undercover-in-drag rumours.

My new friend still has the top she was wearing that night. How amazing that you have actually sung with him, I say. Her friends immediately produce photographs proving that they, too, have sung with Barry. I can see only three men here, lone wisps of testosterone in a sea of women; they are all husbands of Fanilows.

One is wearing an amazing glittery jacket, presumably in homage to Barry. But when I try to talk to them - why are you here? As if they have been programmed. No one here can articulate what it is they like about this man. If they could, they probably wouldn't be here. Then, just as I am picking up lots of interesting Barryfacts - did you know his favourite song is Weekend In New England?

To her, this is a Barrybomb. Why don't you speak to journalists? It's an odd experience, like being repeatedly hit in the face with a soft toy. But when I show them my membership card, they realise they are powerless.

I paid for my ticket so they can't legally throw me out. Who is barry manilow dating am allowed to stay, but every time I pass a member of the high command I am glared at, as if I am Cliff Richard. Or worse, Tom Jones. By now the dance floor is busy with jiving women. It looks like a golden wedding anniversary party where all the men have died.

Everyone, I realise - everyone - is dressed like my Auntie Dinah God rest her soul. And I am sitting on a banquette, holding my notebook full of Fanilow quotes which all say, 'I love Barry and he is wonderful and I have been to concerts! Below, meeting the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance in I find myself wondering if Manilow Mania is a class thing and whether, when we mock the Fanilows, we are mocking the working class.

Or is Barrymania just a Fanilow's guilty response to lust? I start tapping my feet to Bermuda Triangle. Send In The Clowns draws me in deeper. Then I Write the Songs comes on and suddenly I am on the dance floor, gyrating and mouthing the words with a housewife from Dorking.

Everyone is mouthing the words and writhing. We are together but oddly separate. As if we are all having a private fantasy about Barry and whatever he offers us. I guess it's a release from some kind of sublimated sexual yearning, which is weird because he isn't exactly masculine. The music dies and a small American man in black announces that we should all go up to the stage to receive an exclusive lapel Barrypin.

Donations to Barry's charitable foundation, he adds, are welcome. The singer performs during his th Manilow: Music and Passion show in Las Vegas in The invitations to Fanilows to spend money are many, which annoys me, and the magic recedes.

I am normal again. The party is winding down and I still can't stop wondering. Why are they really here? The closest I get to what seems like a truthful answer is from the woman who says:


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Is Barry Manilow secretly gay and hiding in the closet? On Friday morning (June 15, ) the American Sun-Times reported Barry Manilow and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement couple was seen closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores — especially major diamond baubles that could only be described . Longtime friend Suzanne Somers was the best man, and Manilow’s assistant, Marc Hulett, officiated the ceremony. NOT Barry Manilow’s wedding While Manilow, 71, has long been rumored to be gay—and got his start playing gay bathhouses with Bette Midler—he’s never discussed his sexuality publicly. Watch video · EXCLUSIVE - 'I'm glad that he's found love and happiness': Barry Manilow's ex-wife speaks out following revelation he married long-time manager last year.

Addington Barry Manilow's former wife has spoken of her happiness for the superstar crooner now that he has married his long-time gay partner. Speaking for the first time since news of her former husband's marriage broke Susan Deixler, 70, told Daily Mail Online exclusively: 'I wish him well. I'm happy for. Barry Manilow married twice in his life. He first married his high school sweetheart Susan Deixler. Manilow and Deixler began dating when .