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Tasha is more reserved than the other characters on the show. Are you the strong silent type off-screen as well? I definitely like to have fun. Do you get the overwhelming crush of fans that the other actors on the show already have? Well, I definitely do get my fair share. When I go to…the Abby in L. A lot of lesbians think that Tasha was the most authentically butch character on the show, rose rollins dating.

Was that difficult for you or were you kind of a tomboy as a kid? I still am a tomboy! And I was able to access that side of me very easily. I was raised with five brothers so I definitely had to fend for myself. I think that that would come across as disingenuous. In some cases you definitely have to butch it up a little. It was so embarrassing, I felt like I was caught with my pants down. How much back story did you give Tasha? Initially, I was supposed to play basketball. I did give her a certain level of respect that I felt I always wanted to make sure she worked to attain and maintain.

I brought that back to Angela and talked to her about that and…the next week it was in the script. I kind of had to modify some situations. Yeah, I have some shit going on. I have a right to be angry without it being stereotypical, but you just have to be careful. Could be a bumpy ride. What would you like for Tasha? Love it or hate it, The L Word has offered a common language that the lesbian community speaks with now.

Do you think the impact it has on the lesbian community will live on after the series ends next year? Yeah, I definitely think people will still watch it. The people who love the show, love the show. It was certainly groundbreaking, a show almost entirely about queer girls. Will we see that again on TV? But I think they have to.

The girls need a voice! Have your eyes been opened by The L Word? I watched every episode. I definitely gained a lot. I got the opportunity to work with such talented women and I made a few friends. We have so much fun in Vancouver [British Columbia]. Will there be a movie, like Sex and the City? We all joke about the possibility sometimes. The who is jolie dating has a very strong fan base, so they might write into Showtime and harass them until it happens.

The West Wing was your first little break. It was a very small role. It was nothing rose rollins dating comparison to this role. When did you think, Oh, this is my break? Does acting still terrify you? Oh my God, yes. It never gets easier, even though I know Tasha so well at this point.

Fast-forward one year and the show is just ending. Don't miss your chance to party with The L Word stars! Space is very limitedso please book early! Find out more and book your tickets today. You are currently logged in as. Signature Move Signature Move is a romantic comedy which gives space to a compassionate exploration of ethnic and sexual identities.

On Chesil Beach A poignant drama starring Saoirse Ronan looks at female sexuality before the gender revolution. This page requires javascript. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. Please enter the letters from the image below: Why Are Women Always Shouting?


The year-old Rollins grew up in Yonkers, N. Before landing a starring spot on The L Word , she was a successful model, played C. Tell me about your character, Tasha. I thought I heard your character was injured in combat. Does your character talk about her experiences in Iraq? How does that play out?

It just touches on all of the responsibilities that come with it. Does your character talk about her viewpoints on the war? I mean, I made the commitment, and nothing or no one could lure me away from that commitment and what I stand for.

How does that coincide with your own views on the war, and do you get asked that all the time? Have your opinions on the war, or even just your sensitivity to hearing about it, changed since playing this character? And it just really gave me a lot of insight and a whole newfound respect for what these women are going through over there, risking their lives. Are you able to consult with the writers of the show if you have questions in general?

This is the best job ever, because you did actually have that freedom to go sit with the writers if you had any problem with anything or any questions. And they were there percent and willing to listen, no egos. How well do you relate to your character? Was it challenging in any way? That was the most difficult part. But as far as the person that she is, I found that relatively easy, because we are so similar.

Reserved and disciplined and serious? I do like to have a little more fun than she does. I hope she gets to have some fun on the show. Yeah, she definitely does. Do you mind if I ask what your sexual orientation is?

I guess you put that on just like you put on any character. More you may like. Had you ever played a gay character before this?


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