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Too often when writing about what teenagers like, we neglect to talk to the most important group of all: So we decided to put together a State of the Union on the American teenager. To learn what American teenagers in really like, and what they don't, we polled about 60 of them from across the US. We spoke with teens ages 13 to 19, in middle school, high school, and college. We asked them about their digital lives and habits, the apps they use and the games they play, pop culture, and politics.

Their answers offer a glimpse into what it's like being a teenager in We've drawn out the highlights below, along with some data from other sources, so keep scrolling for our guide to teenagers in For our survey on American teenagers, we talked to a group of about 60 teenagers from across the US, of various socioeconomic classes, grades, and ages. We didn't want to focus on one particular geographic area, so we talked to teenagers from across the country, including California, Colorado, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania.

Every teen we spoke with owned a smartphone, and most owned or regularly used a variety of devices, like gaming consoles, tablets, and desktop computers. On average, the teens we spoke with received smartphones from their parents when they were 11 years old.

At their youngest, they received phones when they were 8; at the other end, one teen's parents made her wait until she was 16 before she got a phone. We got lots of "too many" and "I'm embarrassed to say" responses, but the numbers we were able to get suggested teens spend about six hours a day on their phones. This is both in and out of school. Besides owning smartphones, most teens we talked to spent time in front of television sets and gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Wii were popular answers as well.

Some also used desktop computers. On average, they said they spent 11 hours in front of screens every day — answers ranged from two hours to 18 hours, which sounds as if it would be literally every waking moment and maybe it is.

Clothing has been relatively immune to the rise of e-commerce because people still like to try things on before buying.

But when it comes to teenage shoppers, the option of being able to try on clothing before buying is becoming less important, according to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray in Teenagers almost universally named Spotify as their preferred music-streaming service — grayson dolan dating some teenagers said it was the best app on their phone overall:. Instagram is a standby favorite of teens, who swear by its filters and direct-message feature.

Here's what they said:. You might not expect Twitter to be among teens' favorite apps. After all, the company is having a hard time attracting new users.

But a lot of teenagers we talked to really liked the platform. Here what they had to say:. The teens we talked to said they and their friends were still using Facebook — but it wasn't their favorite app. Instagram leads as the "most important" social network among US teens, according to the edition of Piper Jaffray's teen free islamic datingas reported by BI Intelligence.

For the uninitiated, a finsta is a portmanteau of the words "fake" and "Instagram. A finsta is a fake Instagram account people use to post funny pictures they wouldn't normally post for everyone to see.

Usually on a finsta you only have your closer friends follow, so you can post embarrassing pictures of yourself without having everyone you've ever talked to see them. Less popular were WhatsApp, Kik, and Snapchat text. Hulu and Amazon were also listed by a lot of the teens we spoke with, but Netflix had the lion's share. Over one-half of US children and teenagers ages 8 to 18 in a PwC survey preferred streaming television to all other types of media. We got a fair number of responses from teens who thought Twitter, Tumblr, and Snapchat were cool and they are!

Several teens brought this app to our attention. We first wrote about After School, a social network created specifically for high-school studentswhen it launched and started gaining traction in late If you're nervous thinking about the kinds of stuff teenagers would post anonymously on a social network, you're not alone.

Millions of teens are using it to post their "deepest anxieties, secret crushes, vulgar assessments of their classmates, and even violent threats," according to The Washington Post. You've probably never heard of Musical. The app has quietly grown to its popular status without any press. It may not seem like a particularly compelling value proposition, grayson dolan dating, but 10 of the 60 teens we spoke with listed Musical. Remember when you were a kid and you colored in coloring books?

Color Therapy is a stress-relieving, digital coloring book for adultsand the teens we talked to swore by it. Launched by the Los Angeles venture-capital firm Science's mobile studio, Wishbone shows you two options and lets you vote on which one you like more — a spin on the popular "Would you rather? Wishbone became somewhat of a viral teen phenomenon, and as of September, just months after it launched, Wishbone had been downloaded 3 million times. You have probably never heard of the Japanese game "Neko Atsume," but numerous teens we talked to were obsessed with it.

The game's name literally translates to is mitchel musso dating emily osment collecting," and that's exactly what you do in the adorable game. Speaking of games, a bunch of teens also mentioned " Color Switch.

Yes, the star of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" was named in the same breath as Drake and One Direction. That's him in this picture. And most we talked to named a bunch they liked. There tends to be a lot of overlap between YouTube and Vine stars. That's what one teen told us when we asked about what slang teens were using. The teen we were talking to was specifically referring words like "bae" the term of endearment meaning "before anyone else" and phrases like "on fleek.

Trudon is launching a new platform for MTV News called Voices, a for-teens-and-by-teens community, so she knows a thing or two about teenagers. Well, here's what they told us. Most of these are no-brainers if you have kids or even just sit around on the internet for any length of time. From generation to generation, some things about teens remain consistent.

Staving off FOMO fear of missing out and finding ways to connect and share memories with your peers is essential regardless of when you were a teenager. But teens today seem more aware of current events and pop culture, and this is probably because they have so many ways to be connected to real-time news and other information outlets.

Teens today, she said, are "a lot smarter than they're given credit for. It's no surprise that teenagers love Snapchat. Here's what they had to say about it: I also like being able to make stories, for all of my friends to see, and I also enjoy seeing stories of my friends on it and see what they're up to.

Teenagers almost universally named Spotify as their preferred music-streaming service — and some teenagers said it was the best app on their phone overall: Here's what they said: I also like seeing what others are up to. Here what they had to say: Here's why, in the words of a couple of the teenagers we spoke with: I know my parents will watch the news and sometimes a show on cable, but they also mostly use Netflix or Hulu to watch shows and movies.

I use Netflix more then Hulu because there aren't commercials on Netflix. I only use Hulu when I miss an grayson dolan dating of a show because it will be on there fast. But we found a few responses genuinely surprising. I also like slayeven though I know that's kind of stupid. You might look at a beautiful celebrity or your favorite couple and say they are goals. The ones that are uncool are on fleek and holla me. We need to stop saying bae and on fleek. Before you abandon all hope for humanity, read their rather rational responses, grayson dolan dating.

Except for Kendall — she stays out of it and I like her for that, even though she's not a Kardashian. They are currently taking over our generation, grayson dolan dating.


If you've spent any time on the internet within the last five years, Liza Koshy has likely popped up in at least one of your feeds. With almost 45 million followers across her own platforms, the YouTube personality is officially prolific on the web.

Between online content creation and acting gigs, it's safe to say this rising super star is killing the game. Curious about Koshy's buzz? Check out the following interesting facts about her life. You can learn a lot about a person by following their social media, and that's doubly true when you're dealing with social media stars like Koshy. The year-old routinely references and re-tweets fellow YouTube personality David Dobrik , whom — according to a post on Dobrik's Instagram feed — Koshy has been dating since I love u cutie.

If you spend any amount of time watching Koshy's videos on YouTube or following along on social media, it becomes readily apparent that she'll pretty much try anything once. And it seems as though her adventurous spirit includes jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. In a video shared to her YouTube page , Koshy explained, "My biggest fear was flying on a plane… thank God I got to jump out of it.

While Koshy tends to keep things light and fun on her YouTube channel, she does occasionally use it to raise awareness for more serious issues, like struggling with anxiety, facing internet bullying and, in a very special interview , encouraging young people to be more politically active.

To that end, Koshy sat down with none other than former president Barack Obama for a five-minute interview. And you're doing a great job talking to them about some of the things you guys care about," Obama said to Koshy during the sit-down. That's right — she's a millennial version of Carson Daly! According to Broadway World , Koshy signed a production and executive producer deal with MTV to create original content for the network. As part of the deal, the social media superstar was also tapped for co-hosting duties on the TRL revival alongside D.

You may be wondering how in the world Koshy has time to squeeze anything else into her already packed schedule. Yet, she has ventured into scripted acting, too. In , she starred as Aday in the Tyler Perry movie Boo! She is currently also starring in Hulu's original supernatural teen series Freakish as Violet Adams. Fortunately for the new friends, they'll be spending a lot more time together — the series was picked up for a second season , which is currently streaming on Hulu.

There's money to be made on social media, especially for personalities with as much natural charisma as Koshy. As of October , she has more than 12 million subscribers to her original YouTube channel and boasts more than 1. But how does that translate into dollars and cents? According to the Gazette Review , Koshy utilizes a combination of sponsorship and endorsement deals, brand partnerships and ads to monetize her work on YouTube and other social media platforms. One particularly likable trait about Koshy is the fact she keeps it real with her fans — and that includes spilling potentially embarrassing social media mishaps.

So I was taking a picture; I was just about to upload it when I realized that my breasteses [sic] were in it! It was so bad," she revealed to Clevver News' Jackie Iadonisi , adding of the nearly naked moment, "It was so bad.

I never posted it. Although Koshy is forthcoming about her life on her own YouTube channel — often using it as comedic fodder — she occasionally divulges fun facts on other channels, too. Among the little known tidbits unearthed about the YouTube personality was the fact that she has a background in dance.

She loved to dance. Also, she is an amazing dancer," the segment explains before lightheartedly featuring a clip of Koshy twerking in the back seat of a friend's car. It was only a matter of time before Koshy started getting the awards show treatment for her killer content creation skills.

Subscribers to Koshy's flagship channel have grown accustomed to "new videos every Wednezzzday with Lizzza," but that isn't the only time or place Koshy is posting new content each week. Examples include Koshy trying on baby costumes "My head is the size of a six-month-year old" and reacting to her old cringe-worthy photos "I never had a glow-up — I had a no-up".

She's clearly doing something right, because Koshy's second channel has already amassed more than five million subscribers. As it turns out, Koshy is a big fan of her fellow Houston native — so much so, in fact, that she'd love to work with Queen B at some point in the future.

You know, Queen B. Koshy may be at the start of her career, but she already understands that she can levy her influence for the greater good. She has collaborated on a collection of necklaces with The Giving Keys , a jewelry company through which every product purchase supports job creation for those transitioning out of homelessness.

To date, the company has provided more than 70 job opportunities to such individuals through their unique "pay it forward" community model. Each necklace including the designs in Koshy's collection are stamped with an inspirational word such as trust, hope, or laugh. The Giving Keys encourages those who purchase necklaces to "embrace your word, then pay it forward by giving your product to a person who needs the message. The untold truth of Liza Koshy.

She jumped out of a plane. She makes bank Getty Images. She still makes rookie mistakes almost. She has a dance background. She's an award-winning creator Getty Images. She has a second, lesser-known YouTube channel.

Her dream collaboration is Beyonce Getty Images.


Batman is an ongoing American comic book series featuring the DC Comics superhero Batman as its main protagonist. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (cover dated May )., the leading online dating resource for singles. Search through thousands of personals and photos. Go ahead, it's FREE to look! With almost 45 million followers across her social media platforms, it's safe to say Liza Koshy is killing it.

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