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It refers to a romantic relationship where there is a drastic difference in age between the two participants. These seem to be less common in modern media, perhaps because some now perceive them to be Squicky.

However, they still crop up from time to time; they're very common in soaps in particular. As the result of successful Wife Husbandry. Obviously, if the teacher is very young themselves, the difference might not be so great. Like the "Teachers and students" example above, if the mentor is very young themselves, the difference might not be so great. An Arranged Marriage between two people of different ages that leads to real love. A man who takes a much younger and prettier Trophy Wife or mistress.

Or, hey, maybe the two characters just met and hit it off. Generally, the man is the "December" elder and the woman is the "May" younger , though it can happen the other way around.

This can sometimes be a Double Standard in Hollywood, as while older actors get paired up with younger actresses, it doesn't happen so often in reverse.

May lead to cases of Ugly Guy Hot Wife if the years haven't been kind to him. This is the romantic version of the Intergenerational Friendship. Due to continued confusion over the applicability of this trope, here are the criteria that need to be satisfied to qualify for inclusion here:. The individuals should be of approximately the same lifespan. Otherwise, it's a Mayfly December Romance. Presuming normal human lifespans, the partners must be at least 30 years apart in age and at different stages of life.

Presuming normal human lifespans, the older needs to be at least 50 and of a senior citizen age. Similarly, the younger can be no more than 35 , because the younger one is in the spring of their life. The ages are from when the relationship started. If a year-old and an year-old are a couple, this trope would qualify if they've been together for 30 years, but not if they started dating last week. Age is based on time actually living. Time spent frozen or otherwise in a suspended state is irrelevant.

If a character goes into suspension at age 30, and comes out years later, he's 30, not , for the purposes of this trope. For creatures with extended or very brief lifespans, apply the above rules generally. The older should be vastly more experienced than the younger in practically all ways.

For example, a year-old vampire dating one still within a human lifespan would apply as this trope, but not if dating a year old one. The difference has to be noted in Universe as an unusually large age gap.

Many a movie involves a male character of older appearnace with deliberately vague age being interested in a girl whose actress is young enough to be the actor's daughter, but the gap is never brought up. This is a Romance trope. There has to be an actual romantic relationship of at least a modest length to qualify; brief flings or one-off encounters don't qualify.

This is Truth In Television , of course, but wasn't nearly as common in the past as some would have us think. Most couples in pre-modern days couldn't afford to marry until both the man and the woman had saved up enough to set up a household, and that could take years; it's therefore perhaps not surprising that the average ages at marriage for both men and women in Elizabethan England are identical to those in 21st century America.

It was even worse in medieval times, when daughters would have to work for years to save up the customary fee owed their father's lord upon their marriage. Most May-December marriages in preth century times were among the aristocracy, whose prominence in the history books is balanced by their small numbers fewer than 0. Victorian era historians however twisted the narrative, going as far as to destroy and deface records, to justify child marriage.

At best their scholarship was unconsciously biased by their desire to justify their own cultural norms; at worst they deliberately lied. Wife Husbandry is when someone intentionally raises a younger person to be their spouse. Old Man Marrying A Child is even more extreme, and usually even less consensual.

When the December is a woman, she may be Mrs Robinson. Compare December December Romance for romantic pairings between older characters and Merlin And Nimue for non-romantic partnerships with a large age gap and a gender difference. Often the result of an Unequal Pairing , and often happens with Parental Incest. Compare Age Gap Algebra when a mathematical formula is proposed for determining when a romance is this and for which the criteria listed above are one example.

Kunikida actually points this out in the beginning in an attempt to encourage Ryoko to date men more her own age but when she convinces him that she wants him , age difference be damned, he gives in. The plot and central character of Bunny Drop come about because of the relationship developed between the male lead's grandfather and the twenty-something Masako, who worked in his home as a helper though whether it was romantic on her part is debatable.

The grandfather is later revealed to not be the sire of Rin and was only helping Masako deal with her unsuitability towards motherhood at the time. Masako seems to harbour romantic feelings, or at least some infatuation, for the old chap though. As it turns out, the two lead characters will finally end up in this situation later on, for real. In Chrono Crusade , year-old Rosette is sweet on her Parental Substitute Father Remington, who publicly claims to be 27, and is actually at least Several of these relationships are seen in Detective Conan In example, we have the writer Daisuke Torakura in his 50's and his wife Etsuko mid 20 ; he forced her to marry him via a Scarpia Ultimatum , and both she and her lover Hamura are among the suspects of his murder.

Neither of them did it. In Gravitation , year-old Noriko is married to the university professor Tetsuya Ukai who looks old enough to be her grandfather. It's implied that he might not be as old as he appears, though. In the anime Gungrave , there was Harry and Sherry. Sherry was only twelve and Harry was a full grown man when they first met.

Maria and Big Daddy is a more obvious example. His father is thirty by the time his mother is born. They later meet, and his father earns his mothers affection, and she agrees to marry him.

Other than these details, little is known about them or their relationship, as they are already dead when the manga begins. They are mostly mentioned in passing by the other characters. Midori in Mai Hime , who is 24 although she tries to convince others that she's 17 , is romantically interested in her professor, who is in his mid-fifties. Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam has Crux Dogatie and his unnamed first wife, who died some time before the story.

His wife was in her twenties, while he was in his eighties. Though it was stated to be a political marriage, the way Dogatie tells the story implies that the relationship wasn't a bad one indeed, Tobia suspects a case of Love Makes You Evil , and they did have at least one child together.

Used in Pet Shop Of Horrors , most prominently in a story in the Tokyo version in which a young former hostess who appears to be in her twenties marries a very frequent customer who seems to be in his fifties. This causes her stepchildren who are all the same age as her to despise both her and her son who is the same age as her husband's grandchild. How come I never realized just how beautiful a woman in full bloom could be?! In Real Drive , Minamo's enthusiasm about Haru make her friends wonder whether she might be in love, even though Minamo is 15 years old and Haru is The fact that Haru has been in a coma for 50 years doesn't really alleviate that.

Still, things might look up for them after Haru reappears with a much younger look in the ending credits. In the anime series Colin's Missing Mom Lillias Craven was much younger than her husband Archibald she looked no older than 25 while past! Archibald looked almost exactly like his present and older self, save for his still not white hair , yet they still clearly adored each other. It would explain a lot about how hard he took her death.

After her retirement at 20 years old, Wilma Bishop from Strike Witches married a Faraway Land commissioned officer who is 30 years older than her, surprising everyone. In the extras of Tsukigasa , it turns out that the significantly older Toubee had been having an affair with an 18 year old whom he got pregnant and is now going to marry. Even his son is older than his fiancee. Ken doesn't dislike her at all, but is rather understandably weirded out at first; by the time Senna and Daimaru actually marry, however, he has gotten over it.

Please be careful with adding entries here. Natalia Romanova the first Black Widow and every modern-age character she was ever involved with. She was born shortly before World War II, but thanks to some unspecified procedures she underwent during her time with the KGB, her aging process has been slowed. The stories don't usually mention this, because, well, the prospect of Daredevil , Iron Man , or Hawkeye being involved with someone old enough to be their grandmothers was bound to squick somebody.

Originally, Black Canary was the native of Earth 2 which was populated by DC's Golden Age heroes , while Green Arrow was the native of Earth 1 which was populated by the more contemporary heroes. In other words, Black Canary was at least twenty years older than Green Arrow.

This wasn't that big of a deal back in the late s, when the relationship was originally introduced, but as Comic Book Time widened their age difference, Black Canary was retconned into being the original's daughter who thought she was the original Black Canary due to memory tampering a long, very convoluted story.

A few years later, Crisis On Infinite Earths retconned all of that out. In the new continuity, the Black Canary that Green Arrow dated was always the original's daughter, and Green Arrow was now at least a decade older than her. In DC Comics example, the original Liberty Belle a Golden Age heroine whose aging was slowed thanks to Applied Phlebotinum , got engaged to a man a few decades her junior. It didn't end well. Turning back to Marvel Comics , Spitfire, a s superheroine, had a relationship with the much younger third Union Jack on the pages of New Invaders after the blood transfusion from the original Human Torch caused her to body to de-age a few decades.

The relationship didn't last, in part because of the age difference. In the dystopian divergent timeline of the Age Of Apocalypse , where Magneto became the earth's greatest superhero and founded the X-Men, he and Rogue eventually married and even managed to have a son.

This was still controversial among fans because they initially had a surrogate father-daughter relationship, because he mentored her in the use of her powers after she permanently absorbed the powers and part of the psyche of his own secretly long-lost biological daughter Polaris. However, at the time Age Of Apocalypse was written, Polaris was established as not being Magneto's daughter. This was only reversed by Ret Con some years later, after a lot of the controversy had died down.

They also married in another timeline, another of their children appears in the Exiles. And they've finally brought this relationship into the main Marvel universe, after teasing it many years ago. There is quite a bit of it in the X-Men franchise , starting with Professor Xavier's repressed crush on Jean Grey; this was written at a time when he was supposed to be in his twenties or thirties, so it was not as extreme an age difference as it was when they reused that plot element in the s for the Onslaught arc.

Occasionaly it verges into May-September or Mayfly December Romance territory as characters are rejuvenated through comicbook-science means or have powers that render them impervious to the effects of aging.


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