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You may be better off posting in that particular streamers subreddit or community. Summit's date gets disrupted by a bunch of autistic people oddshot. Summit's date gets disrupted by a bunch of autistic people. Am I the only one that thinks ice wasn't an autist in this. He knew what was happening did the bit and then was quickly trying to leave him alone. He was pretty normal at the event only over the top while on stream to entertain. Actually for the last few days Ice has been pretty damn good, I don't think I've seen any dumb shit at all recently.

That said, he's either being respectful and normal because of his reputation with other streamers, or because he's with other streamers so he knows he doesn't have to be stupid, that's my guess. But, it's good to see regardless. Yeah I'm glad Ice had respect here. Since they have never clashed or had a twitter beef I'm sure they are cool with each other.

It just a channel he uses to test stream settings. The channel name was George alllen so people just pretend like it is a different person. Yeah he just said "I'm sorry. It's nice seeing you though. They left him alone pretty quick. It's funny but I don't think they disturbed him that much. Summit1g dating this solely off what I'm seeing in the clip btw. Good on him for getting a date, especially after his divorce. I think him and his ex still talk because she helps him sell his merch and his father in law comes on stream, summit1g dating.

If my ex and her family still lingers around, i'd get depressed. His ex's family is not "lingering" around. They are still really good friends. Just marrying one of your best friends didn't work out for them. Not the word "Linger" but something, I need to read a book. His dad helps cleans and cooks around his house though right? You mean being involved, and I could see how that'd be hard for some. But for others, especially as you get older I think its easier to move past that shit and enjoy the other shit you have for what it is.

Yeah, it's good that his ex and him are still good friends and decided to work things out that way, especially since it's rare to see couples end on good terms or at least still be friends like they were.

Yeah they are basically family to him as his parents and him dont talk much, hes said it a while ago on stream. Also helped her keep her personal life.

The last thing you want is to be on the shit list of a streamer with millions of viewers. If your relationships with your exs family are strong enough to stand on their own I dont see any reason not to continue to have them in your life granted your ex is cool with it. Just because a marriage doesn't work out doesn't mean you have to leave the whole family. Plenty of exes stay on good terms, especially the ones who want to successfully co-parent.

Him and his Ex were business partners. She still does a lot for him with expenses and dealing with his income, summit1g dating. He definitely seemed a little pissed. He probably told the girl to run away if they call his name LOL. Generally I don't like ice and the videos on this subreddit but I can respect this in a way. He apologized and appeared genuine to say hi and got the camera out of his face. I just found this sub a summit1g dating days ago and some of the top posts were great so I subbed and now all I'm seeing is clips of people just recording their lives?

What happened to video games? And are there people who literally just watch people walk around with a camera? There's still people streaming video games but live streaming has never been just about games. You now how popular vlogs are on YouTube? Well, it's like that but in real time. And it's not just people walking around with cameras - there's fishermen, cops, trashmen, crane operators, lab techs, etc.

Just a way to experience the day through someone else, seeing and doing things you may not otherwise be able to. Considering Twitch started as Justin TV and it was a live blogging site, you'd think some people would appreciate the history.

It's sad how many forget about Justin TV. I loved that site. Not only was it fun connecting with people, it was an easy way to watch TV and movies.

Not sure on this tho, so correct me if I'm wrong. But basically yeah people watch other people go outside, but the same thing with gaming, they watch it for the streamer. I don't really watch it, but a lot of funny highlights happen, altough some streamers keep doing stupid shit for views.

I can confirm this. I've dedicated the last 12 seconds of research on this topic and all the evidence support your statement.

I'd rather have desi. Since she doesn't sell her body to teenagers for money and have nudes floating around every where on the internet, and has brains. I snatched this old lady's walker one time cuz I thought she was usin a selfie stick to take pictures of her coota. I'm like, "That's vulgar! It's not like he's marrying the girl. Maybe he's just having fun with her which is perfectly acceptable.

This is one of those moments I actually liked what Ice did. They saw summit, gave him one of those Hollywood actor moments. Ice says what's up, how's it going. Instantly notices the situation and how he's being a bit laid back, low key if you will. He didn't over stay his welcome, summit1g dating.

He didn't start asking a shit ton of questions. Why is that blonde girl following them so awkwardly in like 40 different clips? She dating someone in that group? I only know Kelly Jean peripherally but she strikes me as a weird person. She's a titty streamer but hates it when anyone speed dating mississauga it in her chat, summit1g dating. Greek said he brought her with him.

Not sure why, but she's Reckful's friend and was on his stream for a while yesterday. She was invited to eat with them at that place earlier in the vod. Yeah I know who she is, Kelly Jean or something on twitch. What I was asking and why I was curious is why is she with them. From summit1g dating clips I've seen she never says a single word so doesn't seem to be 'participating' in summit1g dating group as much and has this empty, 'into the abyss' look like she's drugged out of her mind.

I don't get why summit is upset.


Jaryd Lazar Nickname s: Summit1g How old is Jaryd Lazar? April 23, Birthplace: Orange County, California Current Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado Marital Status: In a relationship Previously Divorced Twitch: Global Offensive player, Time Warner Cable call representative.

One more just to show I was a gamer even when I was 2. This is also my face when I look at Twitch chat. One day the shop held a Counter-Strike tournament and the game impressed the teenage Lazar. He then gave himself the name of Summit1g.

He continued to play the game as a hobby well into his adulthood. After living in California became too expensive, Lazar moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where found employment at Time Warner Cable working as a call representative, he said in an interview with YouTuber Destiny.

It was there that he started streaming as a hobby. In he was offered money to start streaming full time, according to McCrudden. As he played CS: GO online he started slowly gaining a following. He joined team Mythic in January and in February he smashed his personal records by having over 90, people watching his stream as he and Mythic played in a Esports Championship Series Qualifier.

And his popularity would only rise from there. Summit1g has over 3,, followers on Twitch at the time of writing, making him the second most followed channel on the service according to TwitchMetrics. His average number of viewers per stream is estimated at about 15, and his peak viewers from last week was over 23, While his YouTube channel is mostly dedicated to showing off his stream highlights, it has over , subscribers and nearly 69,, views according to Social Blade.

As for his social media presence, he has over , Twitter followers and nearly 47, Facebook followers. You guys are gonna make a lot of kids happy with em, thanks again. Lazar has given back to the community, donating for charities such as Gamers Outreach who provide recreation and therapy via video games to children in hospitals.

Met one of the funniest guys on twitch DrDisRespect. Can't wait to see him rage when he loses. In fact, Lazar was a big inspiration for Beahm and his career. That being said, the two have often smacked talked each other. After Lazar tweeted in January about how great the H1Z1 test server is, Beahm joked that they added aim assist just for him.

The top streamer said he was ending his friendship with Lazar and Lazar in turn ending the friendship as well. However they have played games of Fortnite together afterwards. Learn more about the Doctor here. Lazar streamed with a big celebrity himself but that stream was met with much less enthusiasm. Lazar responded by threatening to permanently ban people from his streams. Relax, take a chill pill, go smoke a doobie if you need to.

Lazar later took to Twitter to further defend his decision to play with Paul. And you know what Twitter? I expect apologies raining in quick now. He later apologized for the way he responded to his followers:. I should have expected negativity and I should have been lowkey knocking it out without saying anything.

Lazar also said that he once disliked Paul and his brother, Logan, but after watching their videos he decided not to judge them based on preconceptions. Jake has 14 million subscribers on his channel and is even getting his own talk show on YouTube Red according to The Hollywood Reporter. However he has been known for doing dangerous stunts and causing trouble for his neighbors, with one stunt having him set furniture on fire in a pool, according to Vanity Fair.

He also shared his address online which caused tons of fans to appear on the street. The stunts cause his neighbors to weigh a class-action public nuisance lawsuit, according to KTLA5. The video has over million views along with a like to dislike ratio of 2,, to 3,, Paul has also been accused of racism multiple times with him often mocking people in his prank videos based on their ethnicity, according to Inverse Culture. He also has been accused by his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet of emotional abuse and manipulation according to J The figure has been so controversial, in fact, that the Disney Channel and him mutually decided to part ways after he appeared on the show Bizaardvark for two years, according to US Weekly.

In January , the 17 million subscriber-strong vlogger posted a video of him stumbling across an apparent suicide victim while walking through the Aokigahara forest in Japan. After the backlash Paul took the video off of YouTube and apologized saying that he wanted to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention.

Logan has himself been streaming games of Fortnite, with the vlogger gaining more than , on his channel before his first stream on April 8, , according to Polygon.

Now the vlogger has over , followers on Twitch, according to TwitchMetrics. However, in he announced that they divorced a year and a half ago. We ended absolutely mutually. Had a good time at the H1z1 event.

Lazar appears to be dating a streamer known as lilchiipmunk. Lilchiipmunk has her own following of , followers and an average of to viewers on streams according to TwitchMetrics. In May , Lazar was subbing for a member of CS: GO pro team Splyce in a tournament, as Kotaku reported. Lazar eliminated the last member of the opposing team, Counter Logic Gaming, and was on his way to disarm the bomb when he accidentally walked into the flames of his own molotov cocktail. The blunder quickly went viral as Lazar apologized for the accident.

Nearly one year later Lazar would redeem himself in the only way he could, as Kotaku reported. In April he was playing with Mythic when the opponent hurled a molotov at his team. Lazar barreled down the hallway and shielded his team from the molotov with his face. That was a complete accident. A user in the Twitch chat told viewers to keep their eyes on the stream within the next five minutes.

Lazar thought that someone was going to say hello to him but instead police showed up. Law enforcement received a report that someone was planting remote bombs in the park and was armed with an AK It turns out that the situation was an example of swatting, or when people send a fake report to police and have them respond.

Lazar had heard of swatting before and after explaining the situation to the police they let them go. Lazar told KKTV that the police were very nice about the situation once they got the information from him.

In December , year-old Andrew Finch was shot by police after he became a victim of a swatting prank. Published Apr 26, at 2: Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar is the second most followed streamer on Twitch.

Learn all about him, his success, his controversial stream with Jake Paul, and more.


Summit's date gets disrupted by a bunch of autistic people Summit's date gets disrupted by a bunch of autistic people. She dating someone in that group? I think most of us agree that him playing with chipmunk is not a good look. She's your typical e-whore with the personality and game skill of a. Discover Summit1g Ugly Christmas Design! Sweatshirt from summit1g only on Teespring - Free Returns and % Guarantee - Have .

Allford Watch video · summit1g - Twitch. The latest Tweets from Desirae Lazar (@DesiraeLazar). wife & mommy of 2 girls with @jtray90 💍👯‍♀️ ️ video games 🎮 ️ makeup💄 ️ best friend& manager for @summit1g 👯‍♂️ ️.