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Singleton braces for inevitable grilling as she heads home for Lunar New Year, in the second of our four-part series on how people across the spectrum of Chinese society celebrate the holiday. People from the more modern first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, where Xu works, tend to be more open, but only as far as extending the standard age of marriage to 30 years old. Those who do not get hitched by then are often stigmatised.

As Chinese women gain more freedom thanks to higher levels of education, more are postponing marriage to devote greater attention to their careers and other interests. A good man is hard to find: China's 'leftover women' look for love abroad. And the issue is brought to the fore every Spring Festival as they make the annual pilgrimage home. The advertisement encouraged such women to stand up to societal pressure and reject suggestions they were failures for being single.

By any other measure, Xu would be considered a successful woman. Over the Lunar New Year holiday, also known as Spring Festival, it is common for singles in China to attend a string of blind dates set up for them by their parents during their time back in their home towns. The parents, eager to see their children matched up, rope in relatives and friends to introduce potential partners to their offspring.

Her family members did not have a wide range of contacts, she said, and did not know many young people. Xu is not passively waiting for her Mr Right to appear. She said that four years ago she realised she had to take the initiative to get to know more people, and joined activity clubs and interest groups to increase her chances of finding a husband. She learned about such groups through friends and had heard stories about people who met their spouses through group activities.

One of the groups Xu joined is a travel club, where she meets a wide range of people from different career backgrounds and also gets to satisfy her love for travel.

She is also part of a procurement association within the property industry, through which she has expanded her network of contacts as well as brushed up on her professional knowledge. Her last boyfriend was introduced to her by a mutual friend. Their relationship ended in after three months. The man, four years younger than Xu, cited a mismatch in their empire jamal and hakeem dating when proposing the break-up.

In Chinese society, it is common for the man to be expected to buy his prospective wife a flat before her family will consent to their marriage.

Still, she confesses to feeling fat dating australia when she encounters difficulties in life without someone by her side. Nonetheless, she is adamant she will not settle for just anyone who comes along.

Research team debunks sterotypes about 'leftover women'. This means he does not respect me. Many of her friends did not understand why she turned the man down. To them, he had all the makings of a good partner as he owned a house, a car and a promising business, she said. Renting a boyfriend for the Spring Festival — a practice becoming more common as businesses sprout up to cater to the demands of singles desperate to please their parents and relatives — was out of the question.

Her parents were anxious for her to marry, Xu said, but they had not put much pressure on her. Skip to main content. Are you still single? Saturday, 28 January, Related topics Lunar New Year. Society A matter of tradition: You are signed up. We think you'd also like. Thank you You are on the list. Most Popular Viewed 1. China's robotic spy birds take surveillance to new heights.

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Most men really believe that a hot woman is a hot woman regardless of class or culture. That a beautiful Chinese woman might be considered an old maid at twenty-seven is shocking to most American or European men in their forties or fifties. If you are forty you know that a twenty-seven year old woman is NOT old.

But apparently Chinese men see it differently. In fact, there is a term for Chinese women above twenty-seven, a specific term for these women. Think about that for a moment.

That is literally the term for these women. But it actually gets worse the more educated, successful, and financially independent a young Chinese woman is the MORE difficult it is for her to find a husband, because of a variety of conservative cultural norms. Chinese men still want to be the STRONG head of the household and many of them are not interested in a woman who earns more money than them or who is better educated than they are. Now, there are a lot of American men who consider themselves rock ribbed conservatives who dream of finding a woman who can support them in the lifestyle they would like to become accustomed to.

These women would be considered over the hill in China! Here at International Love Scout we try to explain that there are good cultural reasons why smart, beautiful, and successful women want to leave their own countries and marry Western men.

The situation in China is unusual, but similar cultural forces are at the root of the modern mail order bride movement.

It is better to be a Chinese mail order bride, much better, than to be Sheng Nu. Shelly, 34, a highly educated public relations consultant who had just returned from living in the United States, was among the new members. Since her return to China, she had avoided her relatives and even some of her close friends because of their insistence in trying to arrange dates for her. I feel my mother is disappointed and sad when she sees the grandchildren of her friends.

But with no potential partner on the horizon, Shelly is preparing to return to the United States to do a second Masters degree — a decision partly motivated by her desire to escape her colleagues, parents and friends. I had a hard time believing this so I asked some of my Chinese friends about it — and they said it was absolutely true. Twenty-six-year-old Summer was at the Garden of Joy for the first time, desperate to meet a man before she hit the dreaded cut-off age.

Nothing in the world will allow me to become a Sheng Nu. That was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. In the future the people all lived in a giant domed city and at the age of 30 they got incinerated! You can Read the full article here: Here is an excerpt from an article about Sheng Nu over at Yahoo news:


The #1 question most guys ask when starting to investigate Global Dating is: Why You Are More Desirable Overseas. Sheng Nu. Nothing embodies. Apr 07,  · Heartbreaking Video Lifts Up 'Leftover' Chinese Women Shamed For Television claims, sheng nu are heavily an online dating. Having recently turned 27, Li Chenxi has reached the age at which unmarried women in China are labelled "sheng nu" or "leftover women". It's a stigma that carries deep ramifications within her social life, workplace and especially among her family. But with a blossoming career in Beijing, Li Chenxi.

Simpson Are you still single? The annual question dreaded by China’s ‘leftover women Xu is one of China’s millions of sheng nu (leftover women). Apr 07,  · Heartbreaking Video Lifts Up 'Leftover' Chinese Women Shamed For Television claims, sheng nu are heavily an online dating.